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Special Buys at Lidl: Kitchen Equipment Sale

Lidl Logo1. There’s a great kitchen equipment sale on in Lidl at the moment. Special buys from Thursday November 12-Sunday Nov 15 include:

  • Bread Maker – €39.99
  • Cast Aluminium Frying Pan – €9.99
  • Glass Cookware – €3.49

I’m always hearing how easy it is to make your own bread, how cheap, and how satisfying, but do you do it? Anyway, click here for all the specials.

2. This week’s fruit and veg offers at Lidl include:

  • Avacado – half price – now 39c
  • Cherry stem tomatoes – half price – now 99c
  • Oranges – 37% cheaper – now €1.49

Click here to see all Lidl’s weekly food offers, and remember that there’ll be a new set next Monday.

3. It’d be interesting to see how many regular Lidl shoppers snap up the ski gear on special this week. I know that a ski trip is not in my budget for the foreseeable, but I also know that many families will have saved up for a Christmas ski holiday. If you’re trying to keep the costs down, this gear might come in handy. Click here to see it all.


  1. I make basic yeast bread by hand, and bake it in a random tin or shaped on a tray in my boring electric oven. im not sure aobut life with a bread machine, but fresh bread is entirely satisfying and smells fabulous. Unfortunately, it doesnt keep well, so unless you freeze a lot of it (for toast) or you have someone to share it with, you’ll end up chucking some (or being a total unjustifiable glutton). I find smaller loaves made from a half batch arent quite the same as a full batch made into anything.

  2. I make sandwich bread good for toasting and sandwiches .I make the small size in aMORPHY RICHARDS mac