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  1. For someone who doesnt have the time (or skill!) to make one of these, but who is a massive fan of christmas pudding, do any of the dublin readers know where I might buy a good home-made christmas pudding?

    Reading this has made me crave a slice!!

  2. Tony, I’m the opposite! Wish I could make that pud but alas I’d have to throw it in the bin cos I think they’re gross. Maybe I should make you one? Actually that’s a horrific idea, I’m an awful cook.

  3. That sounds delish, luckily I have a mummy who still makes mine – however I made my Christmas Cake at the weekend! btw, the mother makes it in pressure cooker, so it takes ‘only’ an hour or so…she must use a different recipe also as hers is black almost!! double yummy!

  4. M&S has the best Christmas pudding x

  5. Does anyone know where I can buy suet in Dublin? Thanks.

  6. Hi Catherine, I think most supermarkets sell suet…I checked on Tesco’s online shop, and they have 250g for €1.29