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Special Buys at Lidl

Lidl LogoFruit and veg offers at Lidl from Thursday November 26 – Sunday Nov 29 include:

  • Pears – half price – now 99c
  • Round lettuce – half price – now 39c
  • Vine tomatoes – reduced by 33% – now €1.99

You’ll also find Finish All in One dishwasher tablets (30 pack) reduced from €8.49 to €6.49, two boxes of Ferrero Rocher (love ’em or hate ’em) for €6, and back bacon reduced from €2.99 to €1.99.

Meanwhile, the special buys for Thursday Nov 26 include:

  • Toy horse with sounds – €39.99
  • Christmas candles – €1.99
  • Kids crane set – €24.99

Click here to see them all.

Next Monday’s special buys are particularly useful for those looking to get the house ready for Christmas:

  • Coarse soot and ash filter – €27.99
  • Wicker basket – €9.99
  • 2 crystal glass wine goblets (82cl) – €5.99

Click here to see them all.


  1. I see that you can now get foie gras in Lidl! I spotted it in the fridges near the yoghurts and milk. Whatever next! 🙂

  2. Fois gras – not to be encouraged! Cruelty to geese involved!

  3. Dear Julie,

    Whilst your intentions about Fois Gras are good celebrities and stores around the world are boycotting this delicacy of despair.

    Fois Gras involves the force feeding of a duck so their liver grows many more times its natural size, please dont buy this cruel product.