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  1. Fish sauce, what’s a good vegetarian replacement for this?
    Also, for oyster sauce?

  2. you might try soya sauce as a replacement. i often ask for this in restaurants or there is a mushroom sauce available in chinese markets that is used. it is the same consistency as oyster sauce and does the trick perfectly

  3. Just use noodles instead of rice and and I can almost imagine myself back in Thailand eating the most delicious meal from a stall on the side of the road. Hmmm. Looks like a great recipe – must try it. It lemongrass hard to come by?

  4. Laine, you’ll get fresh lemongrass stalks in any Asian food shop, and you can usually get dried in regular supermarkets as well. You can freeze the fresh stuff which is handy, just throw it in the broth and it’ll defrost pretty quickly.

  5. our local shop is giving away some free coffe mugs that are also of high quality,’`~