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Christmas biscuits reviewed in The Irish Times



I’ve always thought that non-chocolate biscuits are the lowest form of confectionary, but they seem to get rolled out at Christmas time. It’s tins of Quality Street, Roses, After Eight, Choc Mallows, and copious amount of jellies all the way in my house.

In today’s Irish Times Pricewatch, Conor Pope reviews four tins of biscuits, with Fox’s Speciality and Jacob’s Afternoon Tea Biscuits coming out top. I’ll add a single recommendation: Fox’s Creations. I got them in a food hamper last year and spent the next few weeks sneering at inferior tins.

What’s your favourite Christmas treat?


  1. gingerbread cookies! They remind me of my childhood. we celebrated Little Christmas and the house always smelled of ginger and cinnamon

  2. In all fairness, cream crackers are much lower in life than the non chocolate biccie (that can be dipped in chocolate/cream/tea/coffee). Although, danish butter cookies are chocolate-free they are unreal, and this is the good time fo year for them 🙂

  3. I love teh M&S chocolatey ones he reviewed. They were two for one last week so now there are 4 boxes under the stairs calling to me. Nothing tops a chocolate shortbread though.

  4. Chocolate Mallows!
    Just wouldnt be Christmas without those 2!