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Special Buys at Lidl

Lidl LogoWeekly food offers at Lidl include:

  • Irish pork sausages (454g)- reduced from €1.39 to €1
  • Extra virgin olive oil (750ml) – reduced from €3.15 to €2.15

Click here to see them all. Remember, there’s a new set of offers every Monday.

Special buys this Thursday at Lidl include some potential Christmas gifts for stargazers and mechanically minded kids:

  • Computer telescope – €149.99
  • Building blocks – €11.99/ €6.99
  • Stoneware oven dish – €2.99

Click here to see them all.

Special buys next Monday December 14 include:

  • Men’s and ladies ski trousers – €19.99
  • Davidoff Cool Water spray – €13.99
  • Christmas plant arrangements – €9.99

Click here to see them all.

Lastly, a non-recommendation: much as I love Lidl, their firelighters and electronic lighters are absolute rubbish. A complete false economy: I had to use an entire box to light up a bit of coal.

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