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  1. Americans in McDonalds 😀

  2. I’m moving back to Northern Ireland from Sydney in a couple of months (I know, mental) where I’ve developed a keen Korean addiction. I don’t think there’s any restaurants in the north, so this one might be worth a couple of hours trek. Maybe.

    Although I’m guessing they don’t do bibimbab? That might be something I’d have to go to Edinburgh to find. Sigh.

  3. Hi Diane. It’s good and all, but hardly worth a few hours drive! In essence it’s fast food. Your best bets in Dublin are the Hop House and Hilan (see “related posts” at the end of this piece by Snackbox). Can’t say I know of any Korean restaurants outside Dublin.

  4. Yeah, guess I’m looking for the real deal – we really are spoiled for choice here, so it’s going to be hard to move back home, food-wise! My husband & I have driven 11 hours to get to one amazing restaurant in Victoria, so we’re probably not put off by 3 hours to Dublin – just not for takeaway though. 🙂

  5. Diane, try the Hilan chinese and korean restaurant on Capel Street, Dublin. I’m pretty sure that they do bibimbab.

  6. Diane, I am from Melb and heading back next mth. Am interested in the rest that you drive to in Melb.

  7. Also Alilang on Parnell St does great Korean food, and I think they have bibimbab as well.

  8. Jean, Alilang has been gone a year or so now.