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Special offers at Dunnes, or Another reason to be suspicious

dunnesSpecial offers this week at Dunnes include:

  • Avonmore Fresh Soup (1kg) – half price – now €1.74 – €1.84
  • Daz (90 scoop, 6.12kg) – reduced from €25.69 to €15.69
  • Ribena Blackcurrant/ Toothkind – half price – now €1.74 – €1.79

A prize for anyone who can read the small print: the offers are valid until possibly January 9 or 19. It’s none of your business, apparantly.

Click here to see all the offers.

On the subject of Dunnes, an interesting case went under the radar over Christmas. Tesco brought Dunnes to court in an attempt to stop their largest rival from advertising price comparisons. On December 23, The Irish Times reported (now, don’t choke on your cornflakes):

Tesco claimed Dunnes promotional advertisements made direct and unexplained comparisons with Tesco’s standard prices and misled customers by failing to compare like with like. Dunnes argued that its advertising campaign, in which it highlighted its lower prices, was incapable of misleading consumers.

Read the full story here. The judge threw the case out, but it makes you wonder if you can really trust the special offer promotions in supermarkets, as we’ve pointed out in previous posts on Tesco and Dunnes. Neither Tesco nor Dunnes emerge from this casewith an enhanced reputation.


  1. Ireland needs a consumer agency with teeth. Im sick of being plain lied to, be it by T*sco, Dunnes or even BTs. (Who are selling Nine West shoes in the sale even though they stopped stocking the brand months ago.)

  2. I thought it was a bit easy for Tesco to complain since they have started this prices comparison campain. However, it’s true that Dunnes compared promotional prices to non promotional ones, so it was misleading

  3. I have noticed lately that prices in Tesco for the same items change reguarly and usually up, if the item isnt on promotion.

    The prices of drink are so random. Before Christmas, a bottle of wine was 6.99, then it went down to 5.54 due to the budget (which was more than the 60c cut in wine duties), but then it went up to 6.34 where it is today.