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Takeaway Review: Michie Sushi

michie-sushiA good sushi these days is hard to find.

Michie Sushi in Ranelagh is a delightful little takeaway hidden away off the main street. Sushi joints are on the increase in the country. Not fast enough though. This is a really tasty and healthy cuisine that other western countries have taken to much quicker than here in Ireland.

Michie Sushi makes its sushi fresh. It is a little more expensive than other takeaway sushi I’ve seen around the place. For example a Fire Dragon Roll with eel and avocado is €12.50 in Michie. That would be around 6 pieces of ura maki. I’ve seen 8 pieces of ura maki sushi in Townsend Cuisine sushi bar in the city centre for €6.50.

But it’s not fresh in the Townsend and you are also dealing with a lot of western-style sushi options such as ham and chicken. Bleurgh.

7-sushiI wish sushi providers over here didn’t try and westernise their offering with fillings that seem gross. I’m not that much of an expert but I can only assume that some things were never meant to be wrapped in rice and covered in horseradish and pickled ginger.

Anyway, I digress. Michie Sushi is more traditional in its options, albeit more expensive. Soft Shell Crab roll with spring onion, flying fish roe, avocado. Tempura Roll with ebi fry, avocado, mayo and sesame seeds. Fire Dragon Roll with seven spice, eel, avocado, and teriyaki are just some of the specials all priced at €12.50.

They do combos of different types of sushi too ranging from €9 – 13 and I found them to be pretty flexible in terms of moving things around.  There is also an extensive hot food menu including Yaki Udon, Katsu Curry and Cha Han, all at around the €9 mark.

Michie Sushi
11 Chelmsford Lane
Dublin 6
Tel:     01 497 6438
Fax:     01 497 6488



  1. While I’d love to see more sushi / sashimi places (serving fresh), I don’t think 6 pieces of maki at €12.50 is much of a help to the cause. Prices for Japanese food are way higher here than in other countries in comparison to other cuisines, and I don’t intend to encourage it by buying at bad-value prices.

  2. Not sure where this review is coming from. I’ve eaten in every japanese place in Dublin – Michie Sushi is incredible value for what you are getting. Their sushi is fantastically fresh and you get thick slices of fish. If you look at what you get in spar (oishi) or in yo sushi/yamamori etc….the fish is sliced much thinner (to the point that you can see through the tuna. The Nigiri are much larger aswell.
    A salmon and tuna box is €12.50 and you get 4 nigiri and 12 pieces of maki roll. If you were to get that in Yo Sushi, its €4 for 2 pieces of nigiri and €7.50 for the maki rolls. And its poxy and may have been sitting there.

    I have been going to Michel’s place in Ranelagh for at least 3 years and I can honestly say that its the best quality sushi in Dublin. I’m a devourer of Sushi, for what I would have to spend in any other place, be it yo!, yamamori, kokora, Aya…..its 100% going to be more expensive than Michie. Trust me I’ve tried!

    So to say, that its expensive is utterly ridiculous. I spend €20 in Michie and I’m stuffed, I would need to have probably 10 plates in yo or aya which means it would be a minimum of €35.

    Michel in Michie Sushi is a true believer in quality
    Firstly you get alot more quantity

  3. Best sushi in Dublin . Lovely staff too.

  4. Charlie, I’m not sure why you’re on you’re high horse here. I agree that Michie is great. However, CheapEats exists to relate food to prices, and while Michie might be the greatest food in the world and is offering great value, it’s still reasonably expensive for most people’s takeaway dinner budget. In much the same way that Chapter One is amazing food, but it’s still a big expense for most people. I’m not just saying it because he’s one of our writers, but I think SnackBox’s review fairly reflects the tension between Michie’s value and the expense for most people.

  5. Peter,

    it’s a great place and the guy deserves more than anonymous blogging about his food as expensive when its pretty much the cheapest you’ll find in Dublin.

    You cant compare a takeaway sushi meal with the price of a takeaway chinese because of the costs of raw materials.

  6. Charlie, you seem to be missing several points in your hotheadedness. First, we’re not an anonymous blog, you’ll find out details here:
    Second, I don’t see how you can think of this review as negative. The food has been praised from a height (“delightful little takeaway”) and the writer has gone to great pains to point out that this is a little more expensive than other options because “Michie Sushi makes its sushi fresh” and that “it’s not fresh in the Townsend and you are also dealing with a lot of western-style sushi options such as ham and chicken. Bleurgh.” You’re reading a different article.
    Like it or not, it’s more expensive there than other places, and as lots of our readers are on a tight budget, they may choose the cheaper, lower quality option. All said, I’d advise them to shell out the few extra quid: Michie is damn good sushi and I think it’s worth paying for.

  7. Between my high horse and my hotheadedness, I’m taking quite a bit of flak here.

    Anonymous blogging is what it is. Who is snackbox? There is no information on who this person is, their background, knowledge of food etc. Thats anonymous blogging in my book. Heck, is this menupages? I hope not.

    I’m surprised Peter that you allow this level of review on your site. ‘a good sushi these days is hard to find’ I suppose sums it up.

    I like your site but if you are going to have a go at me, you’ll have to do better than that

  8. Point of information: the review came across to me as being quite well-disposed towards Michie. Positive, even.

  9. I think that both are somewhat right! No doubt its excellent. I reckon for sashimi and nigiri its the cheapest around. Places in town are very pricey for typical sushi and the portion size is miniscule. Its a little more expensive in michie but you get alot more for your buck

  10. Dont think it was mentioned here but they do now have a little sit down area aswell there that’s new this year. They serve the Sushi beautifully on little wooden trays for no extra cost and offer complimentary green tea aswell.

    Michie have a stall in St Annes Park Food Market in Raheny on Saturdays aswell.

  11. Well I can see this is getting a little tense. Two central points are made in this review: 1)Michie Sushi is very good sushi; 2) Michie Sushi is more expensive than other ‘takeaway’ sushi. Not compared with Yamamori, or Yo Sushi etc, takeaway only. I have had takeaway sushi from three other places in Dublin. This was more expensive than the others. As for my credentials Charlie, would you like me to send you my CV?

  12. What about your CV and credentials Charlie? Seems to me you’re very closely connected to Michie Sushi and are not disclosing your interest…

  13. Funny, when I read the review I wanted to go to Michie but after Charlie’s comments, I am completely turned off which is probably unfair. Totally agree with FoodFace above, Charlie do you have an interest in the restaurant. And if you do how short sighted of you to concentrate on the small negative aspects of the review.

  14. I’m a big fan of their food. i have absolutely no connection to them other than I think its the best around. I’m not alone on this which is good to see.

    I know this though, if I want Sushi on any given night, its cheapest in Michie.

    I, like a previous poster, have no time for westernised Sushi – I’m there for the Tuna, Eel, octopus et al, whether that be sashimi or sushi. I live in the city centre and have had Sushi from pretty much every place around and if you order tuna sashimi and nigiri with tuna/salmon, it tends to be priced per piece and they tend to be tiny. Sometimes you can see through the fish its so poorly sliced(oishii take a bow).

    I’ve also been to the places on Parnell street, capel street, castleknock, ballsbridge etc and for the quantity (and obvious quality) you are getting in Michie another takeaway can t touch it. I’ve tried. I go into sushi king and need to spend about €25!

    So thats my experience. I immediately try out new Sushi places when I hear of them, because i’m f**king addicted!

    So somebody telling me Michie is expensive, irks me a little bit because its just not true.

  15. Rachel, I do agree with you, its a small part of the review.

    Price is the determining factor though in the recessionary times and I think it would be ridiculously unfair to label the place as expensive. Yo’s, yamamori and Koishi are expensive (and all do takeaway).

    Thats my opinion based on previous experience all over the city.

  16. Yo’s, Yamamori and Koishi are all restaurants who happen to do takeaway. But as restaurants, they have higher costs.
    I would classify ‘Sushi King’, ‘Yami Thai and Sushi’ and ‘Townsend Cuisine’ all as takeaway sushi bars. I’m beginning to think we’re not even discussing the same thing Charlie. Sushi’s made with fish right?

  17. Sorry in reference to ‘Sushi King’, ‘Yami Thai and Sushi’ and ‘Townsend Cuisine’ in the last comment, I meant to say that they are all much cheaper than Michie. They’re all shit in comparison but they’re much cheaper.

  18. Charlie’s just been giving out to us on Twitter as well…for someone who has no connection with the restaurant, you’re certainly taking this very personally! Maybe a bit too personally? People are just disagreeing with you Charlie, which they’re allowed to do.

  19. Maybe we should go for Sushi together – we might enlighten ourselves.

    I apologize to people here if I was a little out of order.

    Maybe we should leave it at that, this is becoming a little weary and i’m getting destroyed. cheapeats asks for comments so I provided them. Free speech an’ all that.

  20. Hey Charlie, no hard feelings and all that. It’s all part of the normal process of banter on blogs. Let’s all agree:
    1. we like sushi 2. Michie is slightly more expensive than some other sushi places but that’s because it’s much, much, much nicer and worth shelling out the few extra quid for! The end, happy new year.