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An ode to Angel Delight

A feast fit for the apocalypse

A feast fit for the apocalypse

By Catriona McGrath

So I thought people would like to know that a friend of mine came to visit from Canada and brought with her my new supply of Kraft dinner ūüôā ¬†Sadly, Peter won’t let me do another blog on delicious luminous mac and cheese but thankfully I rediscovered another gem to rave about.

It all started with the recession… well, that’s not strictly speaking true… it all started with shopping without a list (I can’t shop without a list, I come home with either more toilet paper than an extended family could use in a year or none at all, few edibles, and even less which might count as actual sustenance). ¬†Anyway, I found myself in that mysterious aisle that houses ‘nostalgia desserts’. Yes, you’ve guessed it, I picked up a packet of Angel Delight! ¬†And my was it delightful!!

Okay, so himself was pretty disgusted when he saw it in the cupboard but then once I had it made … well he was still pretty disgusted but I don’t care. ¬†Next time he can do the shopping.

It’s definitely another guilty pleasure and, at only 75c, what a bargain! ¬†Like the Kraft dinner I’m not sure I can explain why I like it so much. ¬†So I’ve taken a picture of it to let it speak for itself (I really think the lime green of the bowl sets off the attractive pink of the dessert). ¬†It’s hard to capture the texture in a picture so I highly recommend trying it yourself to get a better idea. ¬†With the texture of a slightly less solid mousse it’s like a spoonful of childhood (awwww). I remember fighting with my brother over who got to lick the bowl or who had the bigger portion (not so ‘awww’; we fought vicious). And in my house in the 1980s it was such a treat! ¬†Bizarre.

Anyway, I’ve decided to stick with the retro desserts for a while. ¬†I’m thinking of going for rice pudding next. ¬†Someday, when I feel up to a dessert that doesn’t come straight from a packet, I might even make bread and butter pudding. ¬†yum. ¬†All suggestions are welcome.

(A slight aside but I was just wondering where they got the name? ¬†I mean seriously, much as I enjoy it, who are they kidding? And speaking of rice pudding or should I say ‘Ambrosia rice pudding’,¬† I refuse to believe the food of angels and the gods comes in packet form likely to outlive cockroaches in the event of nuclear holocaust.)

Do you like Angel Delight and similarly nostalgic fare?


  1. Apologies to Peter, but I just read your Mac and cheese article and I wholeheartedly agree, it’s amazing stuff although I only eat the spongebob squarepants variety. I too get the orders in with friends visiting US.

    As for Angel delight, how do you eat this? on its own? on icecream? I do remember my granny may have used this in a layer of her triffle.

  2. Butterscotch angeldelight is the only flavour worth eating. and horde it to yourself and share with noone. And chill it in the fridge after whipping it, it sets better.
    Rice pudding is good, but sago is better, and near impossible to find. Canned puddings arent much good, they’re never thick enough.

  3. Triona: My mum makes a really nice rice pudding – not canned clearly. I’m thinking I might have to get the recipe off her and not cheat, you’re probably right about the canned stuff. as for butterscotch angel delight, I’m drooling at the thought of it!!

    Rachel: Personally I’m happy enough with it on it’s own and I haven’t even tried the butterscotch one yet! And as for the mac and cheese – I didn’t even know you could get Spongebob ones!! My friends have been holding out on me. I have to admit, I’m a sucker for those Dora the Explorer tinned pasta shapes. There’s something extra special about eating a cartoon.

  4. My mother used to allow me to make dessert on a Sunday – or in other words, I got to whip up a batch of Angel Delight. God knows how many Sundays I inflicted that on my family. I remember the Butterscotch version as being particularly nice!

  5. Wholeheartedly agree with your review of the mac n cheese, I do have my friends tormented when they are heading stateside with promises to bring as much home as they can fit into their suitcases.

    Also loooove angel delight (top tip, let the strawberry one set in the fridge before applying a liberal layer of canned whpped cream and finish of with a sprinkle (or as much as you can fit) of flake over the top. For full nostalgia add some 100’s and 1000’s.

    Have you tried the heinz’s tinned sponge puddings? Pure childhood in a tin. I mean they’ll probably leave you feeling a bit high from the sheer volume of sugar in them but its well worth it, the strawberry jam one is my favourite….