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A Pie Tragedy

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Way back when we started this site, I nominated the South William as one of my favourite cheap eats in Dublin.  The South William is a bar near Grafton St that served pies, which were made in the wonderful L’Gueuleton around the corner, and were nearly perfect, with interesting fillings and delicious pastry.  They came with a simple side salad, were filling without being stodgy, and best of all, the price was right: only €9 per pie.

When a bunch of thirsty friends were looking for a pub to set up camp on a recent Saturday afternoon, I thought the South William would be the perfect spot.  We could all eat delicious pies in our own time, and have plenty left over to spend on booze.  So we went along and commandeered a corner, and very comfortable and nice it was too.  But the pies are no more.  The simple blackboard of six or seven pies had been replaced with a more comprehensive, but disappointingly pie-free menu.  The new food is by Lolly & Cook, who also have a food stand in the Market Arcade on Georges’ St.  I’ve heard good things about their cupcakes, but unfortunately, their South William menu is nothing particularly original.  The new choice included casseroles, sandwiches, soup and slices of quiche.  We mostly opted for casseroles, which were all ok but nothing special. The prices are still very affordable: the casseroles were all around €9 but the portions were a bit on the skimpy side.

There was general dismay expressed by our group at the lack of pies.  I asked the barman about it, and he said that they discontinued them because they were becoming a bit of a liability for large groups – in his words, “there was always someone who didn’t like pies.” Well. I hope you’re happy, people who ‘don’t like pies’.  You’ve ruined it for the rest of us.

If anyone can suggest a worthy pie successor to the South William, please say the word. Sob.


  1. oh no i loved their pies .. the lamb moussaka one with minty potatoes being my fave! 🙁

  2. I had a truly delicous pigeon pie (I kid you not) in oliviers leeson street /Sussex road – Over O’Briens pub- a few weeks before christmas.

  3. I regularly eat cheap-ish and yummy pies in Lunch in lombard street. I think they are made in the Millstone restaurant in Dame street.
    Maybe they have them in other Lunch branches? (sadly, you can’t get a pint with them!)

  4. I went to Oliver’s over O’Briens during the big freeze and the pigeon pie wasn’t available; however, their pot roast was melt-in-your mouth delicious.

  5. oh yeah I saw this there a few weeks ago when I went in for some respite from the snow. when I asked they said something along the lines of pies being harder to reheat than casseroles and stew.
    I agree about the stinginess though, the boy got some kind curry with noodles and there werent much more noodles than would fit in this comment box if I printed it out. Ill be going elsewhere for my beer and tasty pub food in future (definitely want to try some of the above)

  6. The South William are now selling Pieminister pies in there instead as of this week. The following pies are available and can be served with mash and gravy:

    Shamrock (Beef steak & vegetables in a Guinness stew),
    Pietanic (MSC approved smoked haddock, salmon & pollock in a parsley sauce with cheddar crumb pastry)
    Moo & Blue (Beef steak with red wine gravy and long Clawson stilton in lovely pastry)
    Heidi (goats cheese, sweet potato, spinach, red onion, roasted garlic in lovely pastry)
    Matador (free range beef steak, chorizo, olives, tomato, sherry and butter beans in lovely pastry)

    They’re all delicious, it’s hard to fault any of the pies. The gravy is gorgeous as well.