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Snack Box’s Monday Mississippi Missive


SnackBox has returned to Mississippi  with his band Hoarsebox to record an album. Every Monday, he’ll be spilling his guts on the oft-overlooked cuisine of America’s deep south.

Mississippi burnin’ in my a…

So I’m back in Mississippi. I’m officially eating too much spicy, smoked, chilli-related foodstuffs. BUT I CANT GET ENOUGH. Couple this with a bowl of raisin bran and four cups of coffee every morning and I’m flowing like the Galway floods of 2009. Where’s Gormley to put sandbags against my behind?

Hmm, don’t need him, Obama is deft at blocking hot air. Today I ate at Oby’s diner in Lafayette County, Mississippi, a fast food restaurant which specialises in New Orleans cuisine. To start I began with a Gumbo soup with a roux-less base, shrimp, seafood, veggies, and okra served over rice. To be honest, it tasted like brown socks. Not for my palate. In fairness though, it cost about a euro (I can hear my mother turning in her grave right now saying something like, ‘if poison was on special would you drink it?’ Mother! Get out of that grave, you’re not dead!).

My main course, however, was much better. A big-ass plate of jambalaya – rice, tomatoes, vegetables, chicken, cajun sausage, spices – with a portion of waffle fries. Mmm this was really good and and….oh yeah only seven dollars.

My associate Max had a smoked sausage po boy. It’s a type of sandwich and although they seem just like any other sandwich, including the sandwiches they also have on their menu, it is still referred to as a po boy. Thankfully, they have the internet in USA so here it is folks – a po boy is a sandwich made with Louisiana-style bread, which is a more crusty, French style baguette than American rolls. It is usually filled with fried meat or seafood and is, like most food over here, designed to kill you.

We also had some chicken tenders and clam chowder and the bill came to 40 dollars. You can’t argue with the price of food over here.

However, I’m putting Louisiana hot sauce on pretty much everything except my cereal. My tongue should enter some sort of Japanese torture show with Chris Tarrant. So much eatin’ round these parts. Even local here Elvis Presley knew the importance of nutrition. A quote from his aunt written on a plaque at his childhood home in Tupalo Mississippi states proudly, “Elvis never forgot his raisin’.” Snack Box will have turned into a family box by the time he gets back to Ireland.

  • Oby’s, 1931 University Avenue, Oxford, MS 38655-4113, United States
  • (662) 234-4530

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  1. Wow! Sounds great. Deep fried Heaven. Best of luck with the recording, Soon-To-Be-Family-Box.