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SuperValu Specials

super-valentinesIt’s that time of year again: time for people to do as they’re told and love their loved one that little bit extra, in unison with the rest of the western world. And if you really love them, you’ll spend all your money on them.

A quick straw poll: who observes Valentine’s Day? Would you be hurt or disappointed if your partner ignored this made-up day? And isn’t it all just an excuse to get away with not being as good to your lover the other 364 days of the year?

An otherwise thoroughly cynical friend of mine disagrees and claims that Valentine’s is worth marking, as its a communal celebration of the joy of love, both platonic and romantic. Indeed, she believes that we don’t go far enough with it.

Anyway, all the supermarkets will probably be promoting some kind of Valentine’s offers this week, and it’s no different at SuperValu, where specials include:

  • 12 red roses – €4
  • Pierre Darcy champagne (75cl) – reduced from €37.99 to €18.99
  • Lily O’Brien’s 30 piece chocolate collection (360g) – reduced from €16 to €8

Offers valid until February 14. Click here to see them all. Fresh cut flowers available from Thursday February 11.

You’ll also find the ingredients for a family dinner for under €7 here.

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  1. Myself and my boyfriend don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, at my request. Basically because I think it’s kinda stupid. If you wanna be romantic and extra ncie to each other, any day of the year is fine, you know? And as you say, people get kinda mental over it and it’s just about who can spend the most money.