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  1. Yeah, I can confirm. I ate twice in the last year at Port House and every time it was just brilliant. I’m a fan of all Mediteraneean food so I was quite happy to find a lot of real Med touch in Port House dishes. Well done.

  2. I LOVE the Port House. I’ve been eating here since it opened a few years back (even before they had the upstairs part). The updated menu they have on now is first class. I love the black pudding dish, and the new Stuff Pepper is amazing.
    Reliable dishes are always the Patats (normally Bravas, Alioli is good as well), and Paella.
    Pintox is good as well (same ppl own it in Temple Bar, but dunno why, prefer the food in the Port House).
    Have to agree with rercy, sitting out here on a lazy Sunday afternoon, picking at some food and drinking some nice wine. You can’t beat it! 🙂

  3. I love that place! Perfect for nice little lunch while in town! Kinda romantic too! 🙂

  4. I like this place too but hate that they dont serve any non-alcoholic drinks except water.They have ginger ale but it has alcohol in it & they dont do coke, 7up etc. I brought my 15 year old sister here for lunch and the waitress was very unhelpful and seemed to have the attitude that I was a pain for requesting a non-alcoholic drink. Kind of irritating.