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  1. When the waitress said the salad ingredients were put away probably meant they were in the bin.

  2. Sorry to hear this – we’ve always had a great time @ Fafie’s.

    That said, the one time we went in the evening, the waitress was a weensy bit odd (though she did recommend nice wine when I asked).

    Generally I prefer the less formal, slightly rushed (but pleasant) service you get during the day.

  3. I ate there last Friday with a big group before going to a gig in Whelan’s. We all had crepes and they were really tasty, filling and very inexpensive. There’s a huge variety on the menu, and one or two people asked for different variations which were accommodated.

    Simple, decent wine list and their coffee is lovely too (supplied by a Dublin Fairtrade/organic coffee guy called Imbibe).

    The only downside with large groups (there were about 13 of us) in such a small place is that there was a staggered wait for us all to be fed, but on the whole I really liked it.

    Was there before with a small group and there was no issue with waiting.

    Give it another try Jean!

  4. I love Fafies and would have to say it’s one of my favourite places to eat. It’s the only place I know of in Dublin that serves authentic buck wheat French crepes.

    It’s excellent value and the coffee is great too.

    Do give it another try.

  5. I will indeed give Fafie’s another try, I’d intended to anyway as everything else I’ve heard has been good.

  6. I can’t speak for in the evening, but i’ve eaten in Fafie’s numerous times for breakfast/brunch and always leave very satisified with both food and service!

  7. Fafie’s is my local favourite. Eat a crepe as I’ve never tried anything else, and don’t eat a ham and cheese and ask for Cheddar instead of Emmental or something like that – just enjoy one of them the way they are on the menu.

  8. I had dinner there once, crepes were very tasty and good value. However, the service, albeit friendly, was a bit akward, as if the staff running the place were amateurs: the crepes came in separatly so we didn’t start together as they get cold quite quickly. The table wasn’t cleared so it became very crowded. And the place wasn’t too busy, or so we thought. But this will not stop me from going back