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FairTrade choices

FairTrade Fortnight runs until March 7, and this year’s theme is the Big Swap. Organisers are encouraging people to swap their usual shopping choices for FairTrade products.

I always buy FairTrade whenever I can: bananas and chocolate being one of the staples. It was great to see Cadbury make thier Dairy Milks a FairTrade product, but other mass-produced chocolate manufactuers still have some way to go.

The price of FairTrade has fallen dramatically since the early days, and it’s now a lot more affordable; I don’t see any noticeable price difference between FairTrade and non-FairTrade products. Indeed, Lidl are generally one of the better stockists and, as per the post below, they have a sale on FairTrade items so they’re now even cheaper.

Given a choice, I prefer to pick up the FairTrade item, but it’d be good to start seeing FairTrade mangoes, pineapples, and other tropical products. Over to you: is FairTrade too pricey? Given two similar or identicial products, would you always go FairTrade, or are quality, taste, and price the deciding factors?

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