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Wednesday Wind-down: Healthy Pizza Type Thing


Jacqueline posted last week about her Pauper’s Pizza: a bit of a coincidence, as I have another quick and easy alternative to pizza to share.  This one is similarly hassle-free to make, and is particularly good if you’re craving pizza but don’t want to be too unhealthy – it’s basically a pizza with a tortilla as the base.  My friend J Headen Esq made this for me recently, and I’ve done it myself at home a  number of times since.

What you need:

  • Tortillas
  • Tomato sauce – use tomato puree, passata or pasta sauce – either your own or something from a jar
  • Grated cheese
  • Pizza toppings – such as parma ham, olives, chillis, jalapenos, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, peppers, roast chicken, rocket, baby spinach

Spread the tomato sauce over the tortilla with a knife or spatula.  Sprinkle over some grated cheese (lightly if you’re watching your fat intake, liberally if you’re not).   Decide on your toppings – these pizza type things only take a few minutes to heat up so obviously don’t add any raw meat.

The first time I made it I put feta cheese and cherry tomatoes on before the tortilla went into the oven, along with some freshly ground black pepper, and then put on baby spinach leaves and a drizzle of balsamic reduction when it came out.  It’ll only take about 10 minutes at about 200º for the tortilla to crisp up and the cheese to melt.  What you then get is a lovely light, healthy cross between a wrap and a pizza.  Hurray!  Great for kids as well.


  1. Pitta or Swedish flat bread work well as the base too.

  2. I was told about the artisan pizza bases by a friend who goes to Weight Watchers, you can buy them in some shops for 4.95 for three bases, they are yum and taste like real proper italian pizza, I put some passat and low fat mozella from lidl on it and then some veggies

  3. Do you mean Pizza da Piero Maura? I use them too (Im a WW wagon aswell) and they’re very nice, much better than the Napolina ones, or even the ones Ive tried to make myself.

  4. Where can you get those pizza bases, I’ve been looking for some to have stocked in the freezer with for ages?

  5. Niamh, you can get them in Fallon & Byrne on Exchequer Street or in Liston’s deli on Camden Street.

  6. I used to make these babies all the time. Must start up again cos they are so handy and tasty.

  7. yes the artisan bases are the ones I was on about,

  8. Maura, did your friend say the pizza was ww friendly? Does she know the points on them?