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Gourmet Burger Kitchen changes daytime deal

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen had a great offer that ran for a few months: €5 for any burger on the menu before 5pm. It was simple, ran all week and most importantly was great value.  It was popular with the team of hungry people at CheapEats and our commenters alike.  Unfortunately that offer is no more.  They have a replacement offer, which is €9.99 for any burger and any drink (including house wine, a mineral or a milkshake) before 5pm, from Monday – Friday only.  It’s not as good as the previous offer, but decent value all the same.  We’ll miss the €5 for any burger offer though, and the prospect of paying full price for one of their burgers at lunchtime (even if it’s a Saturday or Sunday) isn’t very enticing.

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  1. This is disappointing – was just about to try the fiver deal this week and everything! I think a buger & a side & a soft drink deal (like Real Gourmet Burger in DL are doing at the moment) would have been great mind you. Maybe if you have having the wine it’s an ok deal but if you are just having a soft drink, it feels a bit of a hike from the previous offer.