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€5 Fish and Chips in Burdock’s

burdocks-fiver-fishchipsPeter has pronounced Burdock’s to be the best chipper in Ireland a number of times here, which means that it has now passed into empirical fact.  Burdock’s is the best chipper in Ireland, and dissent will not be tolerated.

The Burdock’s outlet in the Epicurean Food Hall on Abbey Street is currently running a pretty sweet lunch offer – Haddock and Chips for €4.99.  They were previously running an offer of Buy One, Get One Free on the same haddock meal, and charging around a tenner for it – so the deal is essentially the same, with the added bonus that you can go get it even if you’re feeling antisocial.

burdocks-bogofEven though the first deal has now expired, I have to include the picture of the Viking who was advertising it outside the shop, because he was so smiley and friendly, and well, it’s always nice to see a Viking, isn’t it?


  1. I had this at the weekend in the epicurian. Its a much smaller portion than you normally get – so it a bit of a scam really.

    I got two slivers of haddock and a very measly portion of chips on a small plate.

  2. Their batter sausage is a real bargain, a huge batter sausage and a scoop of chips for about €2.95! After a concert in the Olympis this is the thing to top off the night!!

  3. I wouldn’t set foot in their place again. 4.95 for a bag of curry chips ie chips with disgustingly small tub of curry sauce, and when I asked for another paper bag so as I could share with the husband they said no!!

  4. I’m not defending €4.95 for the curry chips, but isn’t curry sauce overpriced everywhere? BB, which branch were so incredibly rude to you? I can’t believe someone would be such an eejit: that really is a poor show from Burdock’s.
    Burdock’s have opened a new branch in Dundrum. Personally I think that the original Christchurch branch can’t be beat for value, quality, and friendly service.

  5. Hi Peter, it was their Dundrum branch…it wasn’t even busy at the time.

  6. What a bunch of snootbags! Hopefully they’ll get their act together and realise that meeting simple requests like “can I have an extra bag please?” should be met. Not just because it’s good business sense to be polite to your customers, but also because it’s good human sense to be nice and helpful to people. Grrr…

  7. I’m a huge fan of Burdocks (and unfortunately huge as a result) but I think the portions and prices in the Epicurean are a swizz when compared with the value in Werburgh Street. The staff in the original chip shop are great fun and know all their regulars..and are still nice and friendly to new faces. I stick to the original and the best

  8. Re: the first poster who complained about getting two slivers of haddock and a measly portion of chips

    The haddock is butterfly haddock or what was previously sold in burdock’s as whiting with the middle bone removed so basically you’re only getting two slivers of whiting.

    They have changed the deal now to fish nuggets, the fish being sold is either pollock or basset.. Always ask what fish you’re getting and don’t take fresh cod as an answer!