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€9.99 lunch deal in Yamamori surpasses itself

yamamori-softshell-crabWe’ve mentioned the €9.99 salad lunch deal in Yamamori on the Quays in Dublin before, as I’ve thought for quite a while that it’s one of the best lunch deals around.  For your €9.99, you get a seasonal salad, a side dish (something like sushi or dumplings), a freshly squeezed juice and rice or miso soup.  I went there with some friends from work, and the salad lunch was so magnificent that I thought it was worth posting about again.

The salad contained roast turnip (which doesn’t sound appealing, but which was really good) and almonds, and was delicious, but it was the side dish of soft shell crab and avocado norimaki that made it really special.  The serving came with a very generous eight pieces, and the soft shell crab was fantastic. I was the only chump at the table who didn’t order it, opting for the perfectly good (but disappointing by comparison) duck gyoza instead.  Luckily, my friends took pity and shared the sushi, and it really was very good indeed.  I’ll be going back, and soon.

Yamamori Sushi is on Ormond Quay, and you can get their lunch menu until 5.30pm.


  1. Sounds like a bargain! Do you know if they do a vegetarian option?

  2. Everyone in work is always going on about this lunch deal. I must treat myself one of these days. I usually don’t like to spend more than €5.50 on lunch, but I will definitely make an exception for this.

  3. I got a lunch bento box there for €9.50 yesterday. It was delicious and so filling. Excellent value.