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M&S Dine in for Two for €12.50, Apr 15-20

marks-and-spencers-logoM&S’s Dine in for Two offer is back on, and happily, it’s been extended. It originally started as a one-day deal, then was extended to a full long weekend (Thurs-Sun), and now will run from Thursdays till Tuesdays.  This strikes me as a great idea, as now a gloomy Monday can be enlivened with some hassle-free and tasty grub.

See the current selection for Dine in for Two here.


  1. It is such a great deal…you’ve got to love them

  2. Id say it was extended so as to avoid having to sell off surplus stock at a discount.

  3. think you might be right there claire, I hadnt seen the offer for a while and was wondering what the story was. Must take a wander down to m & s tomorrow

  4. Woohoo- FINALLY a new veggie main… still only one mind. Wonder what the ‘crisp’ in the Bake is- anyone had a goo?

  5. I think its baby deer Finn. 😀

  6. I got the veggie bake it was nice, the last veggie one they did was a goasts cheese bake. I love this deal, then again with six (at weekends eight) in our house it works out great value!

  7. They were selling the individual courses off for half price yesterday in Cork. Bargain!