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  1. Honestly. If I were a hard-nosed business sort I’d take a load of them to the checkout, point out the discrepency to the manager, and take my ‘no quibble’ free razor blades for re-sale or re-distribution as I saw fit.
    I’m not a hard-nosed business sort, but I hereby donate the idea to The World.

  2. Well I did hunk of doing that but couldn’t have been arsed with them , they r a law unto themselves

  3. If you dont do anything about it, then why complain here? I dont understand why you didn’t complain to Tesco.

  4. I’ve found Tesco’s to have regular stock pricing problems. When I go shopping there I usually take a mental note of the price of the special offers. More often than not the price at the checkout has been updated. Then I complain and I get my free stuff. Happy days.

  5. I didn’t say anything to them cause I
    wasn’t actually buying the product just happened
    to notice it

  6. I don’t shop there anymore for this same reason- oh and the shameful manner in which they treat suppliers, appaling customer service, horrific own-brand products.