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Special Offers at Lidl, April 29 2010

LidlSome super cheap fruit and veg at Lidl this week:

  • Avocados for 39c
  • Aubergines 69c
  • Three garlic bulbs, 69c

More weekly offers from Lidl

Super Saturday offers include Pinot Grigio for €4.19 and 32% off Sirloin Steaks.

The current special buys are still all outdoor themed: they’re offering barbeques, sleeping bags, tents, camping cookers and portable toilets at the usual knock-down prices. There’s also lots of offers on plants, including fruit and vegetables so you can grow your own. Has anyone tried Lidl’s fruit and veg plants? Will I be able to keep them alive, given my black thumb of gardening death?


  1. the garlic comes from….. China!

  2. We got Lidl’s camping satellite dish in November last year and stuck it on our wall at home, it’s been working since…not so hot when it’s very windy but well worth the 60e we paid for it!! Why you’d take a dish camping however is another question…