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Product review: Diabetic and low-sugar chocolates



Now, I don’t want to cause any offense to diabetics or those who are cutting out sugar from their diet. But we all have our unfounded food prejudices, whether that’s my (now corrected) ignorant belief that Mexican food is “samey” or that diabetic friendly chocolates and jellies are as delicious as a pile of concrete.

But a few weeks ago, before I began a prolonged choco-break, I sampled some Belgian chocolates while wandering around Fallon and Byrne pretending to have money and looking at food I couldn’t afford to buy. They’re produced by Phoenix Delite, a small artisan company that’s only been on its feet since before last Christmas. They were the best truffle chocolates I’d tried in ages. As I cheekily stuffed another in my gob, the owner of the company informed me that these were suitable for diabetics. I nearly choked.

But after the initial shock, I picked up a box to give away as an Easter present. I’d be very happy to eat these again: they’ve 40% less calories than other chocolates and are, surprisingly, nicer. A choco-fix without the guilt, and something for diabetics to enjoy without fear or misery.

Can you recommend any low-sugar or diabetic friendly products?


  1. My father is a type 2 diabetic and swears by stevia as a sugar substitute.

  2. Diabetic chocolate is usually VILE, so I’m delighted to hear that this one isn’t. Unfortunately I am continuously warned (as a diabetic) that most diabetic foods are higher in fat than others. I’ll be interested to see how this compares.

  3. @Claire,

    Where did you buy the Stevia?

  4. There is an Irish brand of sugarfree chocolate called Aine , I think . I also occasionally buy a bag of Boots diabetic toffees , just because .

  5. He buys it online and is thinking about growing it too.

  6. Just beware of ‘diabetic’ chocolate and sweets in general as they are often
    – actually higher in carbohydrates (bad for diabetics)
    – higher in fat (just bad)
    – have a laxative effect

    Diabetics are better of eating small quantities of good quality chocolate, the higher cocoa solids the better.

  7. Watched a health programme some time ago where there was a warning about the laxative effect from eating more than two of these “diabetic” chocolates. The message was to be very wary of them or avoid them altogether.

  8. my 10 year old cousin has just been diagnosed with type 1,she is devastated by not having sweets or going to birthday parties can anyone help me with where to buy her chocolates and sweets,living in leinster,ireland