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Sponsored Post: Half price burritos at The Alamo, a new Irish website with great daily deals, has a special offer for Irish readers.  The Alamo Mexican Restaurant in Temple Bar is giving away half-price burritos for just €8.98 if you buy a voucher through It’s a tempting treat. Click over to for details and to check out their other offers.

Coming soon, will have a great competition with, offering more freebies to our readers. Aren’t we great? Watch this space!


  1. Why no promo for restaurant week in Cork?

  2. How on earth is a burrito ever worth €17.95? Even €8.98 is a bit rich for a burrito!

  3. I forgot. I’ll do it tomorrow!

  4. Totally agree about the price of the burrito. Sounds ridiculous.

  5. Bad Peter! 😀

  6. Totally agree about the price. A decent Burrito is 6eur in a couple of places on Baggot Street. This isn’t an offer at all – it’s a rip-off.

  7. Boojumex in the Italian Quarter has great burritos for about 6.50. They’re huge too. Oh and €3 beers!

  8. Burritos in Pablo Picante on Baggot St are €5 all day today. Feliz cinco de Mayo!

  9. I ate here the weekend before last, and thought it was delicious. I would say it’s a massive burrito with a big side salad, and you are comparing fast food with a sit down meal (in Temple Bar of all places). Burritos are €14.95 in Acapulco on George’s St, which is the only comparable sit-down Mexican in Dublin. So while it may be overpriced at €17.95, the PromoZebra offer is still a good deal at €8.98.

  10. Never been to this restaurant and I certainly won’t go now that I know they charge €17.95 for a burrito! What a rip-off.

  11. Mexican / Tex Mex usually is cheap food. Making it a sit-down dinner type with 300% prices is plain ignorant. Haven’t tried Alamo, but I thought Acapulco had the most tasteless Mex I’ve had in my life. The fast food mex places in Dublin are far better, and you can sit down too. You just make the order standing up, avoiding which is apparently worth 12€…