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  1. I’m hearing great things about this place, can’t wait to give it a whirl. Burritos are the new gourmet burger

  2. It is tasty but i still think i prefer the burritos from Taco Taco around the corner in the Epicurean Hall.

  3. they are super tasty especially the shredded beef with the salsa verde

  4. I’ve been at the Boojum in Belfast a few times and have nothing but good things to say about it. Hadn’t realised they’ve opened in Dublin too so I’ll have to take a trip doen!

  5. is it take away only ?

  6. Nope, there’s tables inside and outside. Same price for eating in or out.

  7. Taco taco is great…but man did this fill me up better!! AWESOME!! Great value for money…even the regular menu is pretty cheap. Thanks Boojum!!

  8. tried this yesterday at lunch, Great burrittos, really cheerful staff. def recommended!

  9. They need a pork/ carnitas option…

  10. Burritos and Blues please!

  11. Burritos and Blues due to open soon at junction of Aungier and Georges Street in Dublin, I see

  12. I was lucky enough to have Boojum a few weeks back and have to say that it’s far better than any of those other scauldy Burrito bars. The ingredients were high quality and I can’t wait to head back

  13. Lads, go and try burritos & blues, the place is awesome! Mucho tastier and funky blues soundtrack!

  14. Have to agree with James. Boojum is by far the best burritos in Dublin. Massive portions, fresh ingredients and cheap beer.