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Lunch in Steps of Rome, Dublin City Centre

steps-of-rome-lunchI probably don’t really need to review the food in Steps of Rome: it’s such a Dublin institution that I’m sure everyone knows about it already.  But just in case there is anyone out there who still hasn’t tried their pizza…Steps of Rome is on Chatham Street, off Grafton Street. It’s been there as long as I’ve been knocking around Dublin city centre (a long time) and is justifiably beloved for its pizzas. They cook them in great big trays, with interesting toppings such as shredded potato,  and will cut you off a square slice for a very reasonable price.

My old pal Julie and I went there for lunch on a Saturday recently, and had a lovely feed up for a really good price. I had a slice of pizza with cherry tomatoes and some tomato and mozzeralla bruschetta, which came to about €9, and Julie had a pizzette with rocket for about €5.  It was all delicious, nice quality ingredients and filling without being stodgy.  The cafe can often be extremely busy, but you can always get the pizza to take away and eat in Stephen’s Green.  We were lucky enough to get one of the outside tables and it was a lovely quick lunch.  Recommended.

Dublin readers: how much do you love Steps of Rome? Lots?


  1. Easily the best pizza in Ireland, and their cappuccinos are fantastic too!

  2. Love it but it can be v difficult to get a table. Great value though.