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Review: Bó Bó’s – if only I had listened!

bobos1I was going to a gig in Whelan’s at the weekend and I popped into Bó Bó’s on Wexford street for a quick bite.  As I sat down, a dull alarm bell went off in my head but I couldn’t figure out why.

Browsing over the huge menu, I came across the fish burger and once again, I got a niggling feeling that something wasn’t quite right. However, being completely ravenous and short on time, I decided to ignore the voices and went for the ‘Finn McCool’ fish burger, ‘Chips and three dips’ and a Coke.

When I peeled back the burger bun I discovered to my horror six burnt fish fingers stacked on top of one another. It all suddenly came rushing back to me, and I remembered not just one terrible review of this burger but a second poor review of this miserable offering on this very site.

I was very very disappointed. It was the sort of gastronomic fumble you throw together when you come home blurry-eyed from the pub – not a ‘gourmet’ burger. The chips were cold and had to be sent back and my half-glass of Coke was flat and had no ice. Even more shocking was the price –  just under €17 for a burger, chips and a flat coke. Boo Boo burger.

It made me realise that those little voices in my head are not necessarily signs of madness but could actually be the ever so wise Peter and Jean whispering the sound advice “Don’t get the Finn McCool’. Duly noted lads.


  1. Oh,

    That’s a pity. I’ve had the Finn McCool a couple of times and it’s always been good. Gonna avoid it now though! 🙁

  2. granted i haven’t been in here in over a year but they use to have savage burgers

  3. Pedestrian food at gourmet prices – not a fan

  4. have to agree with Cathal. poor excuse for gourmet burgers
    nothing on Jo Burger in Rathmines