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Review: Pablo Picante’s, Baggot St

pablo-picanteThousands of years behind the Aztecs, Mayans, and Western civilisation, Mexican food has finally arrived in Ireland. Lidl is currently promoting Mexican specials, M&S has launched a new range of Mexican food, and the past year has seen the opening of Boojum on Dublin’s northside and Pablo Picante‘s on the southside.

Okay, okay. We’ve yet to see the arrival of authentic Mexican cuisine, but I’ll settle for this. Jean has already said great things about Boojum, and while I’ve yet to try it, I think it’d be hard pressed to beat Pablo’s offering. My friend Criostoir and I tucked into one of their take-away burritos while soaking up the sun in Stephen’s Green and we both really enjoyed them.

Pablo’s is not a sit down cafe like Boojum, and this is reflected in their significantly cheaper prices. Pablo’s staff were really helpful and friendly and, as I  was staring in a confused daze and completely unable to make a choice, really keen to help. I went for the Victoria Verde, a vegetarian burrito with roasted vegetables, feta cheese, black beans, refried beans, cilantro and lime rice, guacamole and salsa in a flour tortilla (€5.50).

The burrito was HUGE, delicious, and more than enough for dinner. You can choose your own spice level, but even though I’m a chilli freak, I’m glad I didn’t go above medium. Yowza. One slight quibble: it was a little too heavy on the raw onion, although next time I’ll just ask for less. Criostoir’s Sonny San Diego, with grilled marinated chicken, refried beans, grated cheese, cilantro and lime rice, green salad, and salsa in a flour tortilla (€5.95) was a really nice blend of flavours. Criostoir and I will both be back: the burritos are perfect fare for a sunny day in the park.

  • Pablo Picante’s, 131 Baggot Street (at junction with Pembroke St.), Dublin 2


  1. I think the best and possibly most authentic Mexican place is the asteca cafe on Dame street up towards Christchurch. Its like a real mexican taqueria – the portions aren’t huge but really tasty and kind of different the ‘ sopes’ are my favorites and the green chile is addictive – Also I just learnt that they’re offering free mexican cooking classes on Wendsdays!

  2. Alice-Mary .. I just heard about those classes myself this morning and am very excited! Def going to try them out.

  3. LOVE Pablo Picantes so much that I will often of a Saturday get the bus all the way from Bray into town to get one of their FAB burritos!!

  4. Alice-Mary .. I just heard about those classes myself this morning and am very excited! Def going to try them out.

  5. Azteca is great. Absolutely the best, most genuine little Mexican cafe in Dublin.
    Don’t mind the others, they’re for tourists.

  6. Sorry Peter, but huevos rancheros is not AUTHENTIC Mexican. It’s Tex Mex.

  7. Sean, huevos rancheros is absolutely AUTHENTIC Mexican. It’s very popular in Tex Mex land(US) but is a traditional mexican dish. And I have to agree with Rory, Azteca is very genuine, real mexican food. Whenever i’m in there, there are always some mexicans eating which is a good sign!

  8. Unfortunately, I grew up eating authentic Mexican and none of these place come close to what we call taco shop food back in San Diego. The only place that has anything that taste close to the real thing is Tolteca on Baggot Stret- The Barbacoa Burrito is the closest thing that

  9. Sal, what part of San Diego are you from? Me, North County. I’ve got to try Tolteca.

  10. Tolteca is like the overpriced macdonalds of burritos