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Product review: Crabbie’s alcoholic ginger beer

crabbiesLast weekend, Jean, Rercy and I joined a group of lovely friends on a beautiful riverside picnic – particular kudos to Lou for her impeccable quiche – and had a most enjoyable day. I brought along some bottles of Crabbie’s alcoholic ginger beer, for which I was raised on everyone’s shoulders and declared a hero.

Eh, not quite. But the ginger beer was one of the best products I encountered at Taste of Dublin, and I dutifully raced to Superquinn to pick up a few for everyone. At €2.89 for a 500ml bottle, it’s not the cheapest drink around, but it’s worth it. I once guzzled down an Old Jamaica ginger beer, licked my lips, and promptly doubled over with excruciating heartburn – Snackbox point blank refused to bring me to hospital – so this time I had a packet of Rennie on hand.

Jean and her lovely daugher Lily relax on a weekend getaway

Jean and her lovely daugher Lily relax on our weekend getaway

Not necessary. Crabbie’s is an ideal drink for summer, whether with a picnic, BBQ, or sweet FA. The ginger is reasonably gentle and the flavours aren’t too sweet, while the four per cent alcohol volume is… just right. After the picnic, we sat on the terrace of our lovely rented house in Longford, which slept eight adults and five children, looked out at some very tame deer grazing in the fields, and drank more Crabbie’s in the sun. Poi-fect.


  1. That’s a beautiful picture

  2. we got some a few weeks ago, I was very excited to try it, but it was too sweet for me!

  3. Tried some at Taste of Dublin and had to buy a couple of bottles. Wouldn’t mind more of a ginger kick from it but it’s a real winner with me. Have stocked up already for this weekend!

  4. I also tried this at the Taste of Dublin and fell in love !

    Yummy with ice and lemon on a hot day.

    Anyone know if it is sold anywhere in the city centre ?

  5. had some at a friends bbq at the weekend and loved it. She had tried it at taste of dublin and immediately went and bought all the bottles they had in stock in her local superquinn!

  6. I too would like to know if its sold elsewhere… Its not easy for me to get to a superquinn.

  7. I’d wondered what this tasted like. Your review has me convinced – I’m off to Superquinn to buy me some!

  8. O’Briens appear to be stocking is as well at 2 for a €5. I’ve also seen it in some pubs around town, so I’d say it’s going to be popular. It’s a great alternative to a cider (as they are not to my taste).

  9. You can also get in Dunnes at the Beacon,great drink even on a cold day!!!