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Snob value chocolate

chocoLeaving Cert economics: snob value. You buy something precisely because it is expensive and hard to find.

Following a few weeks where I turned from food, I found myself in Liston’s on Camden St. and felt like splashing out on some fancy foods. I got some delicious Killowen yogurt but was really drawn in by chocolate.

I’d tried Montezuma’s so decided to go for a packet of Willie’s Cacao. This dark chocolate came from various regions, including Madagascar, Indonesia, and Venezuala, and included such flavours as “subtle tropical notes”, “smooth nutty notes”, and the one I plumped for, Indonesian 70% with light caramel notes. I felt very snobby indeed as I parted with my €3.45.

The chocolate wasn’t for me: the caramel taste seemed more like an annoying attention-seeker than a welcome visitor. That said, my friend Eva called over for a cuppa and she thought it was really delicious, commenting on the bittersweet flavour of the chocolate. I’d definitely like to to try the nutty chocolate.

What luxury food items do you still buy?


  1. Ooh I used to really enjoy Willie’s Wonky Chocolate factory on Channel 4. I want to sample that.

  2. Medjool dates, natures’ toffees.

  3. good cheese and tins of cherry tomatoes instead of chopped – both are a million times better than their cheaper processed counterparts! worth every extra cent ..

    that choc looks the business , i als find i eat less of the really nice chocolate .. its satisfies the craving faster ..

  4. Pauline and cream ice cream from haagen dazs. this is as posh as it gets for me, food wise 😛

  5. Willie’s cacao – to make my chocolate cake (called The Black Hole). Single malt whisky – something to celebrate that the weekend is here 🙂

  6. Green & Black’s Butterscotch or Caramel chocolate; fancy cheeses from M&S. I could quite happily live (admittedly unhealthily) on both.

  7. Excellent quality chocolate. I don’t mind paying a bit more for so much pleasure. I don’t get that with cheap ones. And good wines. I drink less but better