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World’s worst fast food

530206_42397867Time magazine had a very interesting and revealing piece on the world’s worst fast food – most of which was in the States. The meals included a particularily revolting looking ‘Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries’ which was a whopping 2,140 Calories – more than the recommended daily allowance.

The article also featured a salad from ‘Taco Bell’ that is a ridiculous 960 calories, a ‘McDonald’s Chocolate Triple Thick Shake’ that has more calories than any other item on their menu at an outstanding 1,160 Calories and a ‘Starbucks Hazelnut Signature Hot Chocolate’ at 600 Calories.

These were mostly American companies but Ireland has its fair share of fat ridden fast food joints. I was at the doctor recently and noticed a number of posters and leaflets warning about the dangers of obesity – something that wasn’t plastered on the walls ten or fifteen years ago.

Do you think obesity is a growing problem in Ireland and how do you suppose we overcome it?


  1. Yes.
    Unless people know why they shouldn’t eat certain foods they won’t stop. Cooking/Food classes in schools would be a good start.
    Traffic lights and all the other gimmicks on food packaging do not work as they are controlled by the food companies themselves.
    Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food was, in my opinion, the way to go – Show people why its cheaper, easier, healthier to buy ingredients and make a meal from scratch and show them how.
    Cooking is not rocket science but its not a knowledge you are born with .. it has to be taught and learned.

  2. Teach EVERYONE home economics until third year, or in transition year. Job done.

  3. Obesity is certainly a major concern in Ireland! As mentioned above (SJ/Claire), education is certainly the key.

    We went from a nation of packed lunches/picnics/tea flasks to breakfast rolls/dining out/cappucinos on the run. There is a whole generation who think this is normal. On top of which not knowing what is in there food.

    Maybe the introduction of easy and free cooking classes using cheap seasonal ingredients. Once the saving hits the pocket it would also impact the waistline!

  4. Has anyone seen the movie Food Inc? It’s an eye opener. In America, it’s far cheaper to feed a family in McDonald’s then buy vegetables and meat and cook them at home. Sad but true. Thankfully fast food is not as dirt cheap herebut in a few years…

  5. Agree with the above statements. Education for young parents. Maybe a scheme put in place to each parents to cook.
    Children in school should be taught about proper nutrition and the dangers of eating fast food in large quantities.

    Something has to be done. ive seen so many overweight children. Back when i was in primary school (im 24 now) there would be maybe one fat child in your year or class, now i see most of the children are overweight.

    Its scary, then they grow up have more kids, dont cook and eat take away constantly. When does the vicious circle stop!

  6. Sarah, check out Tescos’ latest offer; a kilo of chips, a tub of ice cream and a pizza for a fiver. Sadly crap food is dirt cheap here too.

  7. I’m from France, and everyone knows that French women don’t get fat 🙂 Joke aside, when I moved to Ireland 10 years ago, I was shocked to find so much junk food on the supermarket shelves, and so little fresh products. This has changed a lot since, but go to any newsagents and look at the offer of chocolate bars and munchies… This is ludicrous. And mothers giving their toddlers (sometimes as young as 10 months) crisps, chocolate, etc? No wonder why children’s obesity is on the rise