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Discount for CheapEats readers at new baby site is a new Irish online shop that sells a wide range of baby products – from baby food to soft toys to nappies to skincare products.  All products are organic and natural, and there are some great bargains to be had.

For example, EarthMother are currently matching Tesco’s prices on the Ellas Kitchen and Plum baby food ranges.  Now call me crazy, but I’ve always got the impression that our readers (and writers) are not big fans of Tesco.  Maybe it’s something to do with the approximately 5,000 angry comments left here berating Tesco’s prices, offers, stock policy, staff charisma and more?  So this should be pretty appealing to the parents among our readers.  EarthMother are also selling nappies for less than they currently cost in Boots.  And best of all, EarthMother have offered a further 10% discount for CheapEats readers – simply enter the code CHEAP EATS at checkout to claim the discount.  The discount runs until the end of August.

Do you buy baby products online, and what do you think of

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  1. That’s a gorgeous looking site and a great idea too. Will have to write about them on the blog!