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Review: Taco, Taco in the Epicurean Food Hall

Hot hot hot! Aye aye aye!

Hot hot hot! Aye aye aye!

I rarely find myself on the northside of Dublin, as reflected in this site’s bias towards southside eateries.

On a cross-Liffey adventure, however, I was quite adamant that I must sample at least one of the north city’s food spots. Parnell/ Moore/ Capel Street’s excellent value Chinese and Korean restaurants aside, the northside has a bit of a reputation as a culinary wasteland. Sure, there’s some lovely spots – Koh and the “Italian Quarter” sticks out like a freshly kissed thumb, Yamamori does a nice lunch, and there’s a branch of Munchies – but the choice is much wider across the river. Don’t all shout at once; I’m open to correction here.

My requirements: a sit-down lunch, nothing too heavy, that could be eaten in half an hour, with coffee if required. After walking around in circles for a few minutes, Jean and I headed to the Epicurean Food Hall, which used to be a reasonably good bet for northside food.

Sadly, it’s gone to the dogs. The Epicurean is in dire need of a clean-up, a lick of paint, and some tables that don’t look as though they were thrown out the back of a blue-lit KFC. The food selection has become less appealing too: a lot of grease and late-night food choices like kebabs don’t make for a very inviting lunch.

Luckily, one place takes the Epicurean pain away. Taco Taco is a little Mexican stall selling burritos, enchiladas, tacos, and other Mexican food. I had a very delicious vegetarian burrito (€5.25), jammed full of rice, spicy peppers, onions, and other veggies. It was very spicy, as I like it, but if you don’t like too much chilli you might ask them to tone it down. Or you might consider not eating Mexican food…

Taco Taco has been around a lot longer than new kids on the block  Pablo Picante’s or nearby Boojum, but it’s great to finally see more Mexican choices around the city. I could get used to this.


  1. For me is the best mexican food in town 🙂

  2. Moonstar Cafe in the epi is another great option. Their baked potatoes, especially the Moonstar Potato are gigantic and delicious, proper comfort food.

  3. Those Moonstar potatoes ate divine! I agree that the Epicurean needs a makeover. It has a lot of potential but it looks and feels dirty and rundown now. Too many all you can eat buffets too.

  4. I like Taco Taco .. yum. I also like Boojum (and it has a nicer sitting area) and Pablo Picante (lunch time yumminess) ..
    Last night however I discovered a new Mexican eatery that is worth a try. Azteca ( on Lord Edward Street (Dame Street). I did a cooking class there last night, which was free with just a charge of €15 for ingredients. I cannot wait to go back there and eat as a regular customer. Its a tiny little place with lots of character and I would encourage everyone to try it .. The owner Hugo is passionate about food, Mexican in particular, as opposed to Tex-Mex as he clarified for us.

    ps: i totally agree about the epicurean needing a clean up .. big time.

  5. Oh taco taco, how deceptive. you think hey, yeah, i can eat a burrito for lunch and still function at owrk after. and so you go and get it, and it weighs a ton and the doubt sets in. and you try to eat as much as you can, and you make a valiant effort and get most of hte wya through before you have to go back out on the floor and work hard, but all you want to do is sleep 🙁
    (ie, AWESOME burrito)

  6. Try Burritos & Blues on Wexford Street. Sit down, cheap and good value, no coffee though