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  1. If you want to grow mint outside and keep it under control then before you plant it just put your mint plant in a large pot and add potting compost. Dig a hole in your herb garden large enough to fit the pot and bury it up to and over the rim of the pot.

    This will help contain the roots and stop it spreading too much.

    Or you can just put in a large pot and keep it outside the back door, on your patio or even on a balcony or windowsill if you don’t have a garden.

    It likes to be kept moist so remember to water it regularly during dry weather. It may die back in the winter if grown outside but 9 times out of 10 it will bounce back into life again in the spring unless the weather has been very harsh.

  2. Another item to add to the shopping list – some mint seeds !

    I’m really loving this website, glad I found it !

  3. I got a Mint plant yesterday in Atlantic Homecare for the princely sum of 50c!