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Colman's tartare sauce: no longer cuts the mustard

Colman's tartare sauce: no longer cuts the mustard

I have an embarrassing penchant for fish burgers, and an even more embarrassing penchant for McDonald’s Filet-o-fish. After a midweek session last week, I desperately craved this particular burger, in full anticipation of ultimate disappointment.

But I wasn’t disappointed – in fact my tired and hungover body and brain spent the entire day craving another filet-o-fish. The crispy coating, the flaky fish, the nice and mild tartare sauce, and the cheese single that seals the deal (sometimes processed is best). Oh, the shame. The very public shame that I share on this blog with thousands of people who don’t know – and very many I do.

I needed to wean myself off this particular craving, so spent the next few days making my own home-made fish burgers. Anyway, to the point: I can’t find a decent tartare sauce to match the particular concoction that McDonald’s puts together. Colman’s tartare sauce is way too strong and completely overpowers fish, but I’ve yet to find a decent alternative. As fish burgers are one of my favourite eats, can anyone help out with a recommendation?

a1Meanwhile, CheapEats reader Martin Maher gets in touch to ask:

Just wondering is it possible to buy A1 steak sauce in Ireland anywhere? Please if someone can point me to a place that supplies this.

So, dear readers, can you help Martin and I with our conundrums?


  1. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for a McD’s fillet-o-fish. They are like crack to me

  2. I made some homemade tartare last night on the spur of the moment to jazz up some shop bought breaded fish fillets – I’m sure it wasn’t the real deal but I had all I needed in the fridge for this version: I mixed mayo, chopped gherkins, chopped capers, some dried dill, a little lemon juice and some salt. If you want it milder increase the mayo content.

  3. Peter, I am praying to the condiment gods that someone answers your query as the Filet is also a fave but I think it’s really the sauce that does it for me… will be lurking!

  4. For A1 sauce I’d try the American food section at Fallon and Byrne on Exchequer St. in Dublin.

  5. Ah, those fish burgers, the best EVER.

  6. Martin, one of our Facebook readers, Eileen Wall, says you’ll find A1 steak sauce in Donnybrook Fair, “but you’ll expire when you see the price they are charging!”

  7. candy lab in dublin , i know this is old but for anyone who’s googling it