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Win a €50 Superquinn voucher for Amnesty’s Taste of Freedom

amnestyCompetition closed. Check back tomorrow to see if you’ve won!

To mark Amnesty’s Taste for Freedom day,  Superquinn are kindly giving away a €50 shopping vouchers to a CheapEats reader.

Amnesty are asking people across Ireland to hold a fundraising food event: a dinner party, tea and cakes, a coffee morning, Sunday brunch, cooking demonstration, pizza party, birthday party, breakfast, or wine tasting.Your guests can make a donation – work out in advance what it will cost you and make sure you get a good return for your efforts!

The Superquinn voucher could contribute towards the cost of your food for the event – although of course you’re free to spend it as you wish!

superquinnTo enter this competition, simply click into this post and leave a comment in the box below, telling us your favourite way of sharing food with friends. Feel free to add a recipe if you wish! As usual, one comment will be chosen completely at random to win the prize.

Get involved in Taste for Freedom

Simply email or telephone 1850882400 for a fundraising pack, which includes invitations and envelopes, donation forms, recipes, and more.

I can’t say enough good things about Amnesty, and don’t want to get all preachy here, but will say that their focus on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been a steadfast voice for justice and against tyranny, across the world.

Get more info on Amnesty’s website.

Many thanks to Superquinn for sponsoring this competition.


  • This competition is only open to residents of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Do not enter this competition if you are outside the island of Ireland.
  • Please make sure you include a working email address with your answer (email addresses will not be publicly displayed or used for any other purpose) so we can contact you for your details.
  • Please do not enter more than once.
  • The competition will close at 12 noon on Tuesday September 14, and the winners will be announced the following day.
  • There is no cash alternative for this prize.


  1. Hi Guys,

    On a Friday or Saturday we love to invite friends or family around for some food and wine and to share a laugh/story etc.

    We try to make a wide variety of food (we make it all ourselves!): For Starters normally we try to do a mix of hot and cold meat & vegetrian & canapes – For main course again we try to vary it: Meat Dish, Vegetarian Dish, Fish Dish. I l also love to experiment with desserts.

    We really enjoy the making of dinner for them, and we all get to relax together and tell each other what’s happening in each other’s lives. If anyone finds it hard to keep in touch with people with things being so busy, it really is an enjoyable way to keep in touch.


  2. Every now and again I visit some friends in London for a few days. Usually on the first night we have a big meal that between preparation, cooking and general feasting lasts all evening and sometimes well into the night. They’re big into their Jamaican food: curried goat, rice, jerk chicken and fried plantains, yum!

  3. My friends and I love to host potluck nights at our homes. The hosts provide the wine and the guests each bring a dish. The only stipulation is that you must tell if you are going to bring mains, sides, desserts, or munchies beforehand so that we don’t end up with just wine and 6 0r 7 chocolate cakes! Although would that really be such a bad thing? Hee Hee!

  4. italian style: bruschetta and big antipasti platters full of cheese meat honey and other nibbles such as suppli arancini with everyone brining there or wine mmm and a giant tiramisu to finish it off

  5. Hi Guys
    Nothing like having a bunch of kids around for the afternoon: giving them some pizza dough, a selection of toppings and letting them make their own pizzas. Best part is watching them eat their creations 🙂 Then for dessert letting them make ice-cream surprise as my niece so aptly named it: Again a selection of icecream and toppings for them to make their own.

  6. Friends and kids over, 2 phase barbecue – 1st phase is getting the kids fed and watered, second phase is getting them off to play while the adults sit down for a chat over food, beer and wine.

  7. Getting the girls round on a Saturday afternoon, Good Coffee, large pot of tea, selection of delicious cakes and a catch-up of all the Gossip.

  8. Love trying out new recipes on a few friends over for dinner.

  9. Making garlic doughballs. Roll up balls of dough and lightly flour, place near each other in the tin and half way throuhg cooking brush heavily with garlic butter and scatter on rosemary. The cooked balls should easily lift apart from eack other even though they seem to be touching.

  10. lately i have found myself shopping in all the different supermarkets around to get the best value. i don’t think that you can beat superquinn for the scentsentional aromas and taste.

  11. its great to get friends over on a saturday night…Steak,garlic potatoes,green beans and Romantica….YUMMY

  12. a few friends over on a friday night, and a selection of wine, pasta, salad, homemade bread and plenty of banter!perfect!

  13. Love entertaining in the summer, salads are so handy and easy to prepare, and much of the ingredinets growing in the vegetable plot.

  14. Every monday morning, I bring a cake to work to cheer up the day. It’s become a tradition now!

  15. Every so often, instead of actually cooking, it’s nice to get a few friends around and just order an Indian – trays of food spread over the table, tasting bits of each while having a good natter!

  16. Tapa’s or a fondue… the most relaxing wait to eat ever!


  18. Woohoo: dinner parties, far more sociable than a night in the pub

  19. A lot of my friends are fairly fussy eaters or (gasp) vegetarians so cooking can be troublesome. Antipasti is always a fairly safe bet but I usually make a range of dips and serve with toasted pitta bread, things like hummous, a few types of pesto, bean dip, tzatziki and a great Greek salsa (basically Greek salad but diced). There’s rarely anything leftover unfortunately and people always seem fairly impressed that everything’s homemade, well except for the pitta. That’s next on the agenda.

  20. Homemade pizzas where everyone chooses their own toppings, antipasti platters, tapas any kind of food that encourages sharing and tasting and conversation!

  21. Greek-style mezedhes! Olives, feta, salad, grilled meat and other bits, all shared between friends. Lots of wine too, of course 🙂

  22. Old fashioned roast chicken with all the trimmings – marrowfats, stuffing, carrots, roast spuds and parsnips, proper gravy, crispy bacon. Everyone loves it.

  23. packet of King crisp, tear it up the side and into the middle of the pub table!

  24. Hi there, there’s nothing better than a lovely sunny day having a picnic with pals in a nice park or a beach or up the mountains. My personal favourite is Brittas Bay, the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon watching the kiddies play in the sand and splash in the water! I have had a few nice picnics on my own there but they’re never as much fun as when you have your special friends to share the experience with. We bring books and magazines, which come home unread, instead we opt for a good snooze , a stroll on the beach or a bit of a gossip. A super cosy blanket is a must, stain proof for when the bottle of red wine inevitably gets knocked over! Another essential is a good, strong picnic basket. But the most important (aside from the wine of course!) is the selection of food – food that can be shared – some chicken wings, lots of fresh sandwiches, crisps, goodies and icecream!! For me, this is picnic heaven 🙂

  25. Our group of friends has started Come Dine With Me evenings. Following the TV shows format. Everyone really pulls out all the stops, and cooks 3/4 courses. Its a really enjoyable evening and means that each pair cooking only do so once, so everyone gets to take their turn!! Would definately recommend. Its a cheap and cheerful way to spend the evening, just bring your own drink, and just pay for the meal which you cook! 🙂

  26. After a walk on Howth pier, splitting a fish n chips.

  27. Love entertaining in the summer, salads are so handy and easy to prepare, and much of the ingredinets growing in the vegetable plot.

  28. Having friends over for dinner with pleny of good food,good wine and entertaining chat.

  29. Last month my book group had a salad potluck. We each brought a salad, only a small bit of work for each person, but a lovely summer feast for us all.

  30. Tapas in “The Gravediggers” especially on a friday pm after work…..order lots to share, add a few cold beers and the rest is history…. 🙂

  31. Fajitas are great as they feed both vegetarians and meat eaters and people can just add whatever they like on top, i make 2 or 3 different spice level/meat/veg options. They go down well with both adults and children

  32. Me and my friends usually have a driniking session in one of our houses and we have some grub while watching a movie or sporting event. We split the cost of pizzas if we order in and are too lazy to cook our own food. On occasions we’ve cooked pancakes and cookies from scratch while slowly getting more and more drunk with the clock ticking towards the wee hours of the morning. We also love our BBQs.

  33. It’s almost curry weather. Naans, Raita, Mango chutney, pilau rice and a curry using Green Saffron spices. Icecream afterwards. Plenty of wine and beer. send them home stuffed and merry.

  34. I invite everyone around and try to cook a 3 course meal without getting stressed. It never works but I do enjoy the glass of wine and chat I get to enjoy when everyone is fed!

  35. Some juicy steaks from the BBQ would be just grand.

  36. love to barbeque with a load of friends. steaks, burgers and chicken and corm covered in nando’s hot sauce!

  37. My favourite way is to make lots of little cakes!

  38. Love to try out new recipes on friends – the chat is paramount, but it’s interesting if they like an element of the new recipe enough to comment on it

  39. Impromptu get togethers are the most fun and usually involve ordering Thai. Yum yum.

  40. Hard to beat fish and chips on the beach on a sunny summer evening.

  41. Love to share a Chinese takeaway now and then and forget about the calories!!!

  42. One of my favourite things to do is bake cakes to share with family and friends. A lot of love goes into making them so I like to think of everyone going home with an extra bit of love in their bellies 🙂

  43. On a damp day like today nothing would beat a big pot of Irish Stew shared with the family.

  44. Sometimes I like to pull out all the stops and try out new recipes which I’ve come across. At other times, I keep it homely. I think a simple dish – like Lasagne or Shepherd’s Pie – that I’ve made lots of times before can be most enjoyable, as I can then put all my efforts into ensuring that I enjoy the night as much as my friends or family do. Lots of wine and knowing that I can have a lie-in in the morning are the icing on the cake, though!!

  45. I love feeding hungry students!


  47. Nothing can compare to Bacon and cabbage, with a generous helping of freshy boiled potatoes.

  48. Moving into my first home 2 years ago meant getting to know the neighbours. Luckily they are nice especially a family a few doors down with whom we have now become good friends. We regularly invite each other to dinner. We’re so happy living here.

  49. Love sharing a meal with family at Christmas. Its one of the few times everyone gets together.

  50. Me and my 4 best friends call over to each others house on Friday nights to share Pizza, Chinese etc. Its the highlight of my week.