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  1. Sorry to repeat myself but there have their baklavas gone? Im having withdrawal symptoms.

  2. They do the most amazing cheesecake. It comes as a slice on its own, in a little plastic packet with a small plastic spoon. It has a chocolate biscuit base and the topping is just plain cheesecake with chocolate chunks and it is unreal. It’s what I would imagine heaven tastes like…….it’s not just cheesecake – it’s M&S cheesecake!!!!

    Word of advice: Don’t turn over the packet to look at the calories – don’t ruin it for yourself.

  3. Claire, just to let you know I was in M&S on grafton street lastnight and they had the baklavas on the shelf.

    Peter, your review of these delicious sounding dippers and dunkers had me running in to M&S to buy them. They are doing a deal on them at the moment too and selling 2 boxes for €6!

  4. Great, they haven’t been discontinued so. Now to get some sent down to Cork….