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Query: Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim

We'll need lots of pizza...

We'll need lots of pizza...

I’m on best man duty at a stag this weekend. Around 18 of us are heading – for reasons unknown to me – to Carrick-on-Shannon. White water rafting, followed by food and drink. Lots of drink, I’d hazard to guess.

We’re thinking that 18 or so pizzas should feed us nicely. So, by any chance do any of our Leitrim readers have any takeaway recommendations? And do you know of any unmissable pubs?


  1. Silence. Guess our one Leitrim reader is on holidays 😉

  2. Hey Peter,

    I am a Leitrim reader although live in Dublin, Cryans in Carrick used to do some nice homecooked traditional fare although thay have moved now to a new fancy premises so not sure what they have done to the menu. Also the Oarsman is always worth a visit. Anyhow it’s not a big town so you can have a wander before maiing up your mind. Enjoy!!!!

  3. its a bit late…but vittos in carrick on shannon does nice pizzas, cryans also is good but has in my humble opinion got a little on the expensive side since moving! if all else fails i believe there is an apache pizza there too 😀

  4. Thanks everyone. I think Vittos pizza will meet our needs so! Getting all prepared for a heavy weekend now… 🙂

  5. Peter, did you succeed in your pizza mission???

  6. Yes, pizzas and the stag went great. Marc (the groom) will kill me, but I’ll review it later this week anyway!