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Reader queries

My friend Lisa is looking for a decent, affordable, baby-friendly restaurant in Dublin for her family’s annual Christmas breakfast. I’ve suggested Gotham Cafe just off Grafton Street or the new Gotham South in Stillorgan (disclosure: my flatmate works in the latter place). Does anyone else have any recommendations – or have you noticed any good deals being advertised?

Meanwhile, our reader Una Campbell asks:

Does anyone know where you can get a thermal cook pot ? These are double layer pots, one inside the other that cook food purely from the layer of heat kept in. Are they available on the web? I may just resort to a slow cooker but I wanted to see if anyone tried has tried one of these.


  1. Try some of the Asian markets for the pot. They might have something.

  2. Try for the thermal pot.

    Ernie Whalley wrote about this recently on Fork ‘n Cork :

  3. I would suggest The Gables in Foxrock. Loads of room for buggys which lots of restaurants dont have and they also do a brunch menu on the weekends. I have brought my son Dylan there a few times and they are always very good to him

  4. una..try Tk Maxx for the pot,strangely enough they often have things like that!i have a selection of odd bits and pieces ive found there and at a fraction of the usual price! 🙂

  5. Yeah, agree on the TK Maxx tip – they have great kitchen stuff. Got my coffee maker and breadboard there for a great price.

  6. Its a couple of years since I was there but the Bad Ass Cafe in Temple Bar is great for lots of kids – no problem if smaller ones don’t sit at the table and colouring stuff to entertain them. Food is simple but good.

  7. I was in the Bad Ass recently, having not visited there for two years. The place has gone way downhill. The menu has been cut by half (all that’s left is pizza/burgers, nothing else), it was empty and silent the night we visited, and the food was average and not worth the €40 bill for two mains and 2 cokes. It’s sad because it used to be such a fun and vibrant restaurant! Anyone else eaten there recently?

  8. Thermal Cookers are great, meat turns out really tender and veg does not go mushy like normal electric slow cookers.. I bought a ThermalChef on Good quality. Works really well. Irish Company.