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  1. It’s not all that cheap, but as a special concert-night treat, Baan Thai (it’s over Paddy Cullen’s) is terrific.

  2. Just to say i was in Roast restaurant on Sat night (above Crowes pub) and it was absolutely fantastic. Brilliant atmosphere, service and food. I bought a citydeal offer (€20 for 2 mains and 2 glasses of prosecco). In additon to the mains of steak and chips with a great bernaise sauce I ordered a starter, (really tasty pea soup), a side order and we both had desserts as well as a pint of beer and a glass of really good house red. The extra was 33 euros and worth every penny. They really have it worked well and there is a separate waiter topping up water etc which works really well. Would highly recommend it

  3. Sounds good Barbara, will definitely give Roast a try! I have a silly notion about restaurants over pubs: I like to be able to look IN the window before I decide to go into a restaurant, to get a feel of the place.

  4. Well honestly you dont need to look in the window here, its really nice. Not sure you could class it as a cheap eat outside of the citydeal offer. The standard prices are fair though for the quality of the food and the great service. Really hoping they will run another offer!