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M&S Valentines Dine in for Two, 10-14 Feb 2011

Marks & Spencers

M&S have fancied up their Dine in for Two menu for Valentine’s Day. It costs €25 instead of the usual €12.50, but includes such heart-attack inducing treats as:

  • Scallops
  • Coquilles St Jacques
  • Lochmuir Smoked Salmon Parcels
  • Fillet of Beef Wellington
  • Duck à l’Orange
  • Rack of Lamb with Basil Pesto, Parmesan & Pine Nuts
  • Pot au Chocolat & Raspberry Heart
  • Strawberry & Champagne Soufflés

And more.  The booze selection includes Cava, and the whole lot comes with a box of chocolates as well. Full menu on the M&S website.

Does this appeal to you for Valentine’s Day, or would you prefer to head out to a restaurant?


  1. You sure its €20? According to M&S facebook is €25.

  2. Tesco are doing a poor attempt at matching M&S with a 20 e. offer for a Finest dinner for two

  3. You’re quite right Claire, thanks, I’ve updated the post

  4. Hmmm… €25 seems a lot. Do people reckon it’s worth double the price?

  5. Just saw the selection. Some extra fancy stuff plus the chocolates: it’s worth it.

  6. I think this is a really good deal. Valentine’s Day has to be the worst day of the year to eat out in a restaurant, and I think it’s much more romantic to eat at home.

    Obviously, ready-meals aren’t the best option but the M&S are by far the best of a bad bunch. This is also helpful for those among us who can’t cook but still want to treat their partner to a “home-cooked” meal. Even if it’s a cheat 🙂

  7. I agree Aoife – plus the great thing about the M&S deal is that it always includes loads of fresh food, so you can still cook from scratch and don’t have to eat processed stuff.

  8. Exactly. M&S is convenience food, but fresh and with ingredients you would have in your own cupboard. That’s why I love the shop so much. Tesco finest are not a patch on m&s in my opinion.

    Bought this deal, yes it is a bit pricey, but looking forward to it. Coquille St Jacques are my favourite things, also got the chicken wrapped in parma ham. Fab.

  9. On Saturday I bought the scallops, lamb, roast vegetables, hazlenut blondies, box of chocolate brazil nuts and a bottle of rioja. We had the scallops with pasta on Saturday, they were delicious. The lamb was devoured last night and we didn’t even manage the blondies yet. It was great value for €25 considering what I bought would have cost €50 outside the offer.