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  1. love it , rock this town

  2. Can’t wait got my reservation confirmed just there! woot!

  3. YAY I got #tweetseats for March 11th .. really looking forward to it!
    Would love to see the menu and pricelist .. is it available as yet?

  4. I wish someone would do this in Cork. Im bored silly of the restaurants here.

  5. Claire – what are the nice restaurants in Cork? I was in Jacobs on the mall in December after years of hearing rave reviews and I have to say I was underwhelmed.

  6. My absolute favorite is Les Gourmandises. It is pricey but it’s a lovely restaurant for a special occasion. The rest are all run of the mill bistros; Market Lane, Liberty Grill, Strasbourg Goose They all serve the same stuff, fish cakes, pan fried chicken and a misspelled banoffi pie. Star Anise is the only one doing something a little different. Cork really needs something new. In my opinion, the best restaurants are only open for lunch places like Nash 19, the Crawford Gallery and the FarmGate in the English Market. It is worth eating outside of the city centre, 25 minutes away Fishy Fishy in Kinsale is excellent as is Cronins in Crosshaven.

  7. On Cork Restaraunts, As a Dub I don’t generally give Cork Compliments but Cafe Paridiso is possibly one of the best restaraunts in the country.( Its vegetarian but I know plenty of carnivores converted to its fare & how different is that)

    Others worth a mention are Agustines, Fenns Quay Jaques Il Vino.
    I havent been to the Ivory tower in a while & while the food was allways good the decor is a let down.

  8. Also check out “Sage” in Midleton, East Cork. Great restaurant with a great young chef (Kevin Aherne).
    I highly recommend the raspberry & white cholocate cheesecake as one the most gorgeous dessert that has ever passed my lips!

  9. Oh yeah, Sage is wonderful! Its outside the city though. I really dislike Cafe Paradiso. It is hugely expensive, main courses average €24 and starters €13 and if you don’t eat cheese, you’re screwed. Augustine’s suffered by moving to the Clarion and the others you named Conor are the same boring bistro ilk.

  10. I totally forgot, The Silk Purse! Its above An Cruibin pub and its a great spot. Lovely wine, odd menu and a beautiful view if you’re in the window.

  11. I know Fishy Fishy its fab, also was in a great tapas bar in kinsale in the summer! But its a bit far to have to go from the city .. Liberty Grill I like for what it is and liked the FarmGate the once I was there.. Must try out some of your suggestions next time I am down. Went to UCC and always found eating out in Cork an average at best kinda experience but I was a poor student then.

  12. Ive been here three years SJ and I agree with you. Cork city eating is average, bland, could do better at home, the exceptions being Les Gourmandises and the Silk Purse. Nakkon Thai in Douglas is an excellent thai restaurant, skip the starters though, they are vile. You’re better off eating in Co Cork in the summer.

  13. Just ate at Crackbird – very good.

    Including the unexpected apple pie.

  14. Ate there this evening with Jim. It was totally DELICIOUS. The place is really cute too, surprising that it’s only a pop-up, it seems to have a more permanent vibe. Had a really pleasant evening, the chicken is extremely tasty and we made utter pigs of ourselves. Their homemade soft drinks are really refreshing and you get a huge jar of the stuff! Only downsides are no finger bowls or hand wipes, which would have come in handy, and, a personal gripe of mine, the waiter sat down with us when we were ordering, I may sound like a curmudgeon but this sort of over-familiarity makes me squirm. Generally happy out though, enough food for 3 people(oink) for 36 quid and a nice atmosphere.

  15. Really very disappointed with this restaurant. The service was scattered and inconsistant, the food was extremely bland and the menu was limited. Although the atmosphere felt contrived I will say that I enjoyed the music (dj) and decor….

  16. I went there with my fiance for lunch today! We loved it! It was fantastic!

    We are regulars at Jo burgers in Rathmines too! The people behind these are genius! I love and admire their creativity and decor. Just beautiful!

    Most of all, the food was superb!

  17. Oh dear Lord, it was amazing, brilliant idea. Highly recommended. Full review to come.

  18. Battery chicken, or free-range?