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Flat after pancakes

The pancakes arrived by courier, as precious and delicate as a flower being delivered to a dying princess.

Superquinn had sent me a truckload of their fresh pancakes for review. I think it may have been a full truckload. I couldn’t eat them all so I skived off work and shared them with my friend Phil and his baby Noah (aged almost one but with the brain of a wise old sage).

This was lunch for us, and we delightfully overindulged. Lil’ Noah loved the chocolate pancake: chocolate batter with chocolate chunks. Phil and I weren’t so wild: the choco-pancake didn’t seem to travel or heat up as well. A special treat for the kids, me thinks.

The regular, crepe style pancakes fared much better, and we had plenty of toppings to try out. These were really good: light, crispy-edged, and as fluffy as a fresh pancake should be. No trouble with heating them. We drowned them in fresh cream, honey, and raspberries. I’d never thought of those toppings before: I’m more of a traditional, sugar and lemon kinda guy, though I’m also partial to real maple syrup. This time, I ate so much that I nearly cried, and I was flat on my back for an hour after. Worth. Every. Bite.

Superquinn are selling the pancakes, freshly made, in packets of five for €2.99.

What’s your favourite pancake topping?


  1. real thick maple syrup-lyles golden syrup do a good maple syrup version-there is nothing like it-just dust some icing sugar on top and pour over the syrup! yum

  2. i love them with butter,honey and a itsy sprinkle of cinnamon….my mammy is a champion pancake maker and she adds banana slices to the batter just before she pours them on the pan….lash a bit of peanut butter on top and just like the song….heaven im in heaven!!god dammit i want pancakes NOW!!

  3. maple syrup and crispy streaky bacon. the m&s maple syrup is fantastic, although at a student-unfriendly price

  4. Lemon juice and sugar – as per childhood Pancake Tuesdays – or else a load of real maple syrup. Or Nutella…