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  1. “Restaurants don’t tout for business here.” Im sorry but they absolutely do. When was the last time you walked through Temple Bar?

  2. Really? I guess it’s been a while since Temple Bar, I tend to avoid the place like the plague! 🙂 But I think that Temple Bar firmly counts as a tourist strip, whereas this guy really stood out in the relatively tourist free South William Street. They definitely don’t tout for business outside of tourist spots.

  3. They do it in Cork too, in the Huguenot Quarter.

  4. I don’t think I have ever come across a restaraunt touting for business in Ireland (I will exclude Temple Bar as I would never be in that area) and I eat out all over Dublin on a regular basis.
    It definitely reminds me of holiday destinations.

  5. I dont understand how you can ignore it happens at all just because it happens in Temple Bar and Cork!

  6. I dont think anyone is ignoring Claire, just simply pointing out that touting usually only happens in tourist heavy areas! It is most certainly not common practice in restaurants in Ireland

  7. Thats not what the article says.

  8. Jesus Claire, This is a blog not an academic article…can you at least immerse yourself for at least a minute and allow the writer (Peter) to have some poetic license and make sweeping generalisations whenever he sees fit….otherwise start your own bloody blog….!!!!

  9. Can I not disagree Gerard? If Peter, the writer, has a problem with my saying that some restaurants do tout for business then fine. No need for you, a fellow reader, to get your panties in a bunch.

  10. You can of course disagree but your are not only disagreeing your are being a little bit of a nightmare on this one to be honest……live and let live….maybe peter has never seen the level of touting in Ireland that you have so then in fact in his reality he is correct… there is more than your point of view here to consider….I would agree with Peter on this also…nobody has ever touted me in Ireland for a restaurant….so in essence we follow this blog to hear his views….you can’t expect opinions and observations of the bloggers to be 100% accurate…we have newspapers for that …(most of the time)

  11. Anyway…. Sounds like a good deal!

  12. I have eaten at the Curry Club’s other restaurant in Kilbarrack,and I have to say it is by far the best the best curry house I’ve eaten in.

    I’ve tried many in Dublin,including Jaipur,and several others,but the Curry Club is by far my favourite.

    I’d say the one thing that goes against it,is it’s location,in Kilbarrack shopping centre,as it’s has a bit of a reputation,but all I can say,is if people just put that to one side,and actually went there,they’d be more than happy that they did.

    We’ve eaten there many many times,and again because of where it is,it has been quite empty,but that doesn’t bother us.The food is wonderful,the service is excellent,and I really just can’t fault it.

    It’s very good value,and I would love more people to go to it.
    I don’t have anything to do with the restaurant,just really love eating there.

    Try it,you just might like it !!!!!!

  13. theres a curry club in inchicore which opened recently also, very very good chicken balti. In the sea of inchicore takeaways its definitely the best

  14. Thanks for the review Peter. I have to say I rarely see restaurants touting & it always makes me feel uncomfortable-I hope it doesn’t catch on!

    Have you tried the Taj Mahal on Parliament st? They do an early bird deal up to 7pm, where starter, main & a drink (incl wine!) start at 16.95 (and goes up, again depending on which menu you choose). The onion bahjis were the nicest I have ever had. Lamb masala was tender and spicey. House white was drinkable too. Its not very fancy, but tasty & decent value. Give it a go.