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Yet another reason to distrust Tesco? I am shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you

Sneaky Tesco at it again. From our regular reader Nanazolie:

I’ve noticed a large yellow sticker that says “special offer” under the Milkybar and Aero large chocolate bars in my local Tesco. The bars are €1.99. They were €1.59 a few weeks ago. What is special about the price other than it’s gone up?

Once again I find myself using the tags “swizz” and “Tesco” in the same blog post.

Have you noticed any egregious swizzes in Tesco or other supermarkets?


  1. Supervalu et all: Twin packs of 2L drinks for €4.09 single 2L bottles for €1.90. This is just one example but I come across this with a lot of products. The multi-packs appear to be a special offer and if you go and check the single items and do some quick simple math you will find you will be saving a few quid here and there.

  2. Bought creme eggs in Tesco for himself last week. Packs of 3 were 2 for €2. Packs of 6 were special offer price of €4 per pack. Guess what I went for?

  3. I just bought Dunnes own brand chorizo today, its now gone up to €2.59!! It was €1.99 last year, then it went up to €2.29 & now gone up again! Aagh! They’re not advertising it as having gone down or anything, but its still really annoying to see the price hike.

  4. Ever try asking the staff to explain why the special offer price is better value( when it isn’t!!) and usually the staff don’t even see that the so called special offer is more expensive.

  5. Sarah, all food prices are going up and this may get worse in the next few weeks… Price of crude oil, poor crops, etc… mean that production prices increase and thus the prices we pay increase too. Of course, producers are only paid peanuts anyway and retailers will not reduce their profits.
    The worst affected are cereals (and all products manufactured from these: biscuits, bread are the obvious ones. Soups and baby food may not be but they too contain flours) and cocoa. I expected an increase in chocolate prices anyway, but not that these would be marked as “special offer” when clearly they are not.

  6. I got caught with wine in Tesco recently, had enjoyed buying their tesco selected Carmenere Sauvignon at a great price of about €7 – found it had increased massively recently.

  7. I am always having problems with Tesco pricing and offers. I have taken the time to point it out to the staff, but they are rarely interested, always explaining that the ticket prices are done externally. When I have queried something, an exciting offer on electric blankets at the end of last year. They were reduced to €24.99 but didn’t specify what the original price was, so I asked, nobody could tell me and the member of staff did a runner. I presume in the hope that I might get bored and not pursue it.