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€7 Roast Dinner from M&S

M&S are currently doing a great offer: a complete roast dinner for €7.  I got a pork belly with a soy marinade, a bag of maris piper potatoes, a bag of brussel sprouts and a bag of carrots.  The pork belly went out to my awesome pal Julie’s house, and she made delicious red cabbage and roast potatoes to go with it.  It was excellently flavoursome and tender, and comfortably fed two with some leftovers.


  1. This sounds fab .. *runs off to investigate further*

  2. just picked it up for a friend….im very impressed esp as the pork belly alone is €7.29!! they also have the 3 for €7 deli goods i got quiche,olives and falafels so lunches sorted for the week ahead 🙂