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Easter eggs on the cheap

Choceur bunny from Aldi: €1.69, 150g

Choceur bunny from Aldi: €1.69, 150g

Apologies for the tumbleweed blowing across this site the past few weeks; we’ve been very busy with silly work and such nonsense.

Never in the history of mankind has anyone ever deserved a Bank Holiday weekend as much as I do. If you’re planning on eating large amounts of chocolate – which I, for once, am not – you’re spoiled for choice with the selection of eggs. I note that most producers have finally dispensed with the unnecessary packaging, so you can pig out without as much environmental guilt.

Easter eggs have become progressively cheaper over the years, and it’s about time. They were only ever glorified chocolate bars which, ounce for ounce, were significantly more expensive than their flatter counterparts. Almost all the supermarkets are doing special deals on Easter eggs, so if you buy them at full price, you’re officially a chump.

If you want something that looks fancy but is reasonably cheap, Aldi have a Choceur Milk Chocolate Flame Egg (€4.99) which comes with some chocolate truffles. The chocolate quality isn’t significantly nicer than your bog-standard Easter egg but most of the truffles are tasty, if a little overloaded with sugar.

M&S also have some really good Easter egg deals – it’s three for two on all of their eggs.

Happy Easter!


  1. waited till easter mon myself

  2. Has anyone got any good recipes for easter egg chocolate?? We received of course too many eggs and although rice krisipie buns are very nice…there must be something fancy I can do with the chocky…!

  3. Hi BB, you can make cookies, just break up the chocolate and use a chocolate chips