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CrackBird: Last Chance

Here’s a few things you should know about CrackBird:

  • It’s a pop-up restaurant that was set up for a period of 12 weeks only. The 12 weeks are about to end: its last sitting is at 10pm this Sunday, May 22nd.
  • CrackBird serves fried chicken in the American soul food style.
  • The garlic soy ginger chicken is delicious beyond belief. Skip the other varieties – we found the buttermilk chicken a bit tough, and the crunchy goujons are nothing special.  But the garlicky one will haunt our dreams.
  • The sides and extras are great too: chipotle baked beans or interesting salads like carrot and cranberry.  Dips are all good, my favourites are the super-hot habanero and the creamy whipped feta.  You can also get lovely refreshing lemonades and mint lime sodas.
  • You can eat like a king for about €15-€20.
  • They ran the savviest and most generous promotion ever to spread word about this restaurant: 36 free meals a day for Twitterers.
  • It will undoubtedly be packed ourravit this weekend, but its well worth queuing.
  • Peter and I have eaten there more times than we might care to admit during its twelve week run, and will miss it terribly. Here’s hoping that it makes the jump to a full time premises.

CrackBird is at 19 Crane Lane in Dublin 2 (the little laneway beside The Oak pub on Dame St).  They don’t take reservations, just drop in.


  1. Wow, you were able to eat the habanero dip? Even looking at it made me cry.

  2. So nothing for the veggies then?

  3. Why would a veggie go to a chicken restaurant?

  4. My fwiends like to eat meat. I like to hang out with them. 🙂