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Superquinn Takeover: what do you think?

You’ll all have heard the news by now about Superquinn being bought out by the Musgrave group, owners of Super Valu and Centra.

On the positive side, it’s very good to hear that they have pledged to keep all 2,800 Superquinn employees in jobs.  On the downside, it could mean reduced competition in the Irish supermarket arena and the possible disappearance of a well-loved brand.  There’s also the impact it could have on Irish producers, although Super Valu have a good reputation when it comes to stocking and supporting Irish producers.

What do you think? Will you miss Superquinn if each store becomes a Super Valu?


  1. i will defo miss superquinn if it goes!!!i dont do all my shopping there but i love it for the few fancy bits and bobs every now and then!!! i hope they continue selling their hot smoked salmon and salad bar always handy if im stuck for a lunch option!

  2. I love the quality of superquin deli counter for cheese salamis and olives. Their meat and chicken are so tasty and the butcher always has tip for cooking….their fish counter is full of choice with tasty fish and marinades….most of all i love the sausages!!!

  3. A real shame to see that Superquinn owe large sums to suppliers who are unlikely to be repaid:

  4. No opinion, Superquinn is not nationwide.

  5. Sort of horrible how Musgraves came in and decided not to pay suppliers and start again- horrible. I would never shop in SuperValu or Centra again after that cynical land grab at the expense of many small suppliers who will probably go bust because of it. I hope their babies are monkeys!

  6. Claire, you know that if you don’t have an opinion, you don’t actually have to leave a comment? 😉

  7. Christopher – I LOVE that line, nice to know there’s other Romy & Michelle fans out there. I like that stupid movie 🙂

  8. It just seems so dodgy..announced one day, saved by Musgraves the next, and then the revelations follow about KPMG being the only shareholder who was secured.
    The suppliers deserve better, lot’s of whom don’t get a look in with the other supermarkets.
    I’m glad the jobs are secured, but the ethics of the banks make my skin crawl (no surprise there)
    I just hope that the suppliers get through this, and have the resources to carry on, my heart goes out to them, imagine having to sit in reception and ask where your money is?

  9. @Jean- no way? Are you a sucessful business woman too? 😉

  10. Yes, I do know that Jean thanks for pointing it out. Im just jealous that there is no Superquinn south of Limerick.

  11. Went to SQ yesterday and bought loads of lovely things on special offer. But the bulk of my shopping will be done at Dunnes / Aldi / Tesco because there is no way I can do a weekly shop there. Everything (I mean things you also find in other shops) is at least 10 cents dearer